Offering a distinctive flavor deepened by 11 herbs and spices, the new A.1.® Steak Sauce Flavor from Kraft Food Ingredients Corp. (KFIC) adds a popular taste dimension to a variety of dishes. Developed after America's best-selling brand of steak sauce, the ingredient possesses that tangy, pungent, fruity character that consumers recognize. A.1.® Steak Sauce Flavor can be used in both wet and dry applications including marinades and sauces, as well as in rubs and snack seasonings. Packaged in 50-lb. boxes, its convenient powder form does not add liquid to the final application. Kraft Food Ingredients Corp., 800-458-8324

Individually, or in combination, these ingredients can help improve the taste, mouthfeel, economics, consumer acceptance and label friendliness of all types of savory foods. DSM Food Specialties, Savory Ingredients, offers Gistex®, Expresa®, Engevita®, and Maxarome®, which represent one of the world's most advanced concepts in yeast-based flavor enhancers. DSM also offers complete flavor systems through the broad line of Gb Select® Savory Flavor Systems. The unique flavor enhancement technologies are designed to function as a family of ingredients that work well with each other, and with other food systems. DSM Food Specialties, Savory Ingredients, 800-662-4478

A new line of shelf stable, highly concentrated, easily dispersible products including Sautéed Onion, Sautéed Minced Onion and Sautéed Garlic vegetable pastes has been introduced. Nikken Foods is one of the world's largest producers of soy sauce powders, and the company manufactures and distributes an extensive line of seafood extracts as well as unique Oriental vegetable powders. Orders can be placed online Nikken Foods Company, 636-532-1019

A natural dairy concentrate that has the ability to improve the flavor of seasoning blends can be used at very low application levels (typically 0.1% to 1.0%). Butter Buds® functions to round out harsh flavor notes in smoke, garlic, and other seasonings. Used in meat applications, the ingredients also will mask soy flavor as well as warmed-over flavor and oxidized notes. Additional functionalities include delivering a richer, juicier perception, as well as enhancing savory flavors. At typical application levels, Butter Buds® contributes less than 0.1% fat. Butter Buds Food Ingredients, Bill Buhler, 800-426-1119,,

Whether they are used to deep fry, broil, bake, or roast, these custom blended seasonings will add that flavor and zest customers need. Blendex will work with customers to develop unique formulations to meet their individual needs. Using only the finest “bacteria reduced” ingredients, the need for high-quality and consistent products is readily met, and nearly legendary customer service is part of the order. Blendex Custom Blended Seasonings, 800-626-6325,

Capitalize on hot sales from bold flavors of convenience and ethnic flavor trends with bold flavor marinade recipes. Convenience products are driving sales in foodservice and retail environments. French's Flavor Ingredients can help food processors create delicious, marinated, ready-to-cook or heat-and-eat/serve products to meet this demand. Made using Frank's® RedHot® sauces, French's mustards and Cattleman's® barbecue sauces, these signature marinades retain moisture while adding popular ethnic flavors to meat, poultry and seafood. For recipes, ask for Elyse Gomez. French's Flavor Ingredients, 800-4-FRENCH,

Six new savory flavors for seasonings, including Chicken, Beef, Pork, Salami, Tuna, and Liver, have been launched by Comax. Developed as high-intensity flavors specific for use in seasonings, they deliver a clean, true profile even at low usage levels. Additionally, the flavors work well in traditional soups, gravies, sauces, broths and marinades. They are artificial and offered in an oil- or water-soluble base, liquid and powder. Expert flavorists are available to work with customers for a custom-blend signature flavor. Samples are available. Comax Manufacturing Corp., 631-249-0505

Flavor enhancement is taken to a new level where 'HVP' and 'artificial' become non-factors. It says a lot when a company like Yamasa has been relied upon for flavor enhancement for almost four centuries. The company's naturally brewed soy sauce-based products offer traditional flavor enhancement while adding an ease of application yet to be matched. Yamasa products are offered in liquid form with and without preservatives, and low-salt. The powders are offered with maltodextrin or with brown rice flour carriers. Reach deep into the past and let Yamasa put the flavor into today's and tomorrow's best recipes. Yamasa Corp. USA, Michael Loera, 310-944-3883, ext. 103,

Seasoning blends can be developed for the customization of processed meats, meat and poultry entrées, soups, sauces, salad dressings, breads, and condiments. With more than 70 years providing quality ingredients to the food industry, the experts at Southeastern Mills can provide the taste experience that customers are demanding. Southeastern Mills, George Manak, 800-334-4468, ext. 159,

These organic seasoning blends contain no biotechnology, no bio-solids, no synthetic pesticides or fertilizers, and are not irradiated. Blended in its Kent, Wash. organic-certified production facility, Kerry Seasoning's organic blends have the same functionality and flavor compared to standard seasonings. Applications for organic seasoning blends include snacks, dips, dressings, prepared foods, energy bars, meat and poultry marinades, and frozen vegetables. Kerry Seasonings, Dave Pellegrini, 253-395-9400,

An innovative approach to flavor design produces some of the best meat flavors available. WILD's meat flavors provide specific cooked notes and characters that cannot be achieved using compounded flavors. The flavors are designed to reproduce specific cooking methods such as roasting, frying, grilling and baking. The profiles included in this selection include: sautéed, brothy, roasted, grilled, rare and fatty. Unique MTS™ Technology allows the company to combine several flavor creation technologies to produce outstanding flavors. WILD Flavors Inc., Donna Hansee, 859-342-3526,

Are you looking to improve the flavor of your products while minimizing costs? Proliant's line of beef and chicken savory flavors will boost flavor and improve the mouthfeel in a variety of applications. These quality, value-added ingredients have roasted flavor notes that accentuate the aroma and taste of the base ingredients used in food applications. These flavors are ideal for a broad range of savory applications, including dry blends, marinades, soups, gravies and more. Proliant Inc., 800-369-2672

This is a line of natural, highly versatile dairy proteins that offers increased yield and added moistness in meat applications. Grande Bravo products have been used to improve flavor and texture and replace more expensive ingredients. Bravo is functional in whole muscle, coarse ground, emulsified and chopped and formed products. Bravo 300 and 500 are commonly used in the injection of whole muscle meats to increase yield and decrease purge. Bravo 250 and 550 are commonly used in coarse ground, emulsified and chopped and formed products to increase yield, bind ingredients and create fat-like texture qualities. Grande Custom Ingredients Group, 800-772-3210,

Salted snacks, dips and dipping sauces are hot, hot, hot! More flavors, more spice, more heat. And TABASCO® Industrial Ingredients are zapping up snacks and dips like never before. From pork rinds and popcorn to meat snacks and salsas, the possibilities are endless with 10 varieties including the original Red Pepper Sauce, Dry Red Flavoring, Processor's Blend, Crushed Red Pepper, Jalapeño Green Sauce, Jalapeño Dry Flavoring and new Chipotle Sauce. Mix them in, sprinkle them on—whatever the application—get ready for a flavor explosion! Samples are available. McIlhenny Company, Industrial Ingredients, 337-373-6109,

Aromatic spices are imported from around the world. Sterilized products are available upon request. American Key Food Products deals directly with the producers so it can sell direct. The facilities are rated A-1 so that AKFP can assure a premium quality product with significant savings. The company also offers high-quality native and modified food starches available in cook-up and cold-swelling formats, with great freeze-thaw capabilities. Additionally, potato flakes, granules and flour are available kosher for Passover year round. American Key Food Products, Murray Feinblatt, 877-263-7539,,

Create new products that your customers crave! Sophisticated flavors and increased performance can be achieved with Chr. Hansen's Multiple-Performance seasoning blends. These blends combine the unique flavor nuances of customized reaction flavors with spices, herbs and functional ingredients. Functional ingredients can provide color and oxidative stability that provide additional value. Instead of simply adding spices, one can achieve layers of delicious flavor, color, stability and appeal in applications such as: appetizers, side dishes, entrées, snacks, soups, sauces, foodservice products and processed meat and poultry. Chr. Hansen, Karen Wood, 800-558-0802,

For nearly 12 years, meat scientists and flavor chemists at this company have worked on seasonings blended with flavors, enhancers and bitterness suppressors. To accomplish this, Bell made the vegetarian meat alternatives taste close to the paragons they emulate. Thanks to determination, creativity and perseverance, the company offers succulent seasonings for hot dogs, Polish sausage, bologna, pork sausage, pepperoni, salami, mortadella, chorizo, salchicha, loaves, pate and hamburger. Free technical assistance also is available. Bell Flavors and Fragrances Inc., Albert Woszczak, 800-323-4387,