San Francisco Salt Company, an importer of specialty salts, unveiled its new gourmet salt packaging.

San Francisco Salt Company chooses premium quality salts from suppliers around the globe for their taste, texture, and appearance. The range offerings include French Grey Salt, Pure Sea Salt, and Sherpa Pink® Himalayan Salt. Each offers a distinct texture and flavor profile that elevates culinary dishes. The company’s commitment to customer satisfaction and quality products are reflected in the new “purveyors of premium sea salts” branding.

The demand for gourmet salts has steadily increased during recent years. Therefore, following the success of its bulk wholesale business and online store, San Francisco Salt Company launched their own new retail line of gourmet chef salts.

"After fourteen years of being an online specialty salt business and supplier of raw salts to food and cosmetic industry, we are finally staking claim in the retail division of the salt market,” says San Francisco Salt Company’s President Lee Williamson. "We believe our brand’s new look matches our position in the market as a true specialty salt leader.”