Pump It Up

New from Nestlé USA is its Coffee-Mate Coffee Creamer in a two-liter pump bottle. Each pump is equivalent to a single-use tub of creamer, with approximately 400 “pumps” in all.

Requiring no refrigeration, the package comes with an area for consumers to write the date that it was opened, for freshness purposes. French Vanilla and Hazelnut varieties are available, and both are non-dairy and free of lactose and cholesterol. The product may soon become available in more retail outlets as time progresses, sources say, but is currently only available in U.S. club stores.

Squeeze and Bake

Taking convenience to the ultimate level is Sara Lee's newest introduction in the baking sector—Quick 'n Easy Ready-to-Bake Single Layer Cakes. To use, simply squeeze the already prepared batter into a non-stick pan and pop in the oven.

No additional ingredients—such as water, eggs or butter—are needed, and one package makes a 9 x 9-inch cake or 12 cupcakes. This is the first pre-made product found to incorporate cakes and cupcakes, following the success of pre-made cookie dough sheets and rolls.

Keeping Up With the Joneses

Jones Soda has released two limited-edition Holiday Packs of soda to raise money for charity—a national pack, which is available nationally in Target stores and on target.com, and a regional pack available in select stores around the country. The national pack includes the following soda flavors: brussels sprout with prosciutto, cranberry sauce, turkey & gravy, wild herb stuffing, and pumpkin pie flavored sodas; while the regional pack will include: broccoli casserole, smoked salmon paté, turkey and gravy, corn on the cob, and pecan pie sodas.

All varieties also include a serving spoon, moistened towelette, and preferred wine list. Jones Soda is well known for its bizarre soda flavoring and, prior to its Holiday Packs, the company released Halloween flavors that included Strawberry S'lime, candy corn, caramel apple and Scary Berry Lemonade.

Popcorn with a Kick!

Jolly Time has revved up its line of microwave popcorn by adding a new Sassy Salsa Kick'd Up Southwest flavor. This new introduction joins the company's caramel apple, Mallow Magic (marshmallow), Big Cheez and Kettle Mania flavor varieties. Sassy Salsa is similar to ConAgra's Act II Jalapeño Flavored Microwave Popcorn, released in Mexico earlier in 2005. This flavor expansion not only targets the growing Hispanic population in the U.S., but also hits home with consumers looking for more daring and exciting flavors in the snack sector.

Frito-Lay also is following the trend, having recently announced the expansion of its Doritos brand to include a Fiery Habanero variety, slated to launch this summer.

'Eye' Want Candy

Stylus Candy recently introduced a slew of uninviting treats, mirrored after the Fear Factor reality television show, which tests contestants on various fears (one being that of food).

Available varieties of Fear Factor Candy include: Candy Gummy Eyeballs, Crunchy Larva (100% real bugs), Gross-out Gummy Cheddar, Lime, Tomato and Pepperoni Pizza (crunchy candy with fish eyes, worms and stinky cheese); Gummy Frog Legs (gummy legs with crunchy dextrose “bone” inside and dipping sauce); and Fear Factor Lollipops (assorted gummy pops in pig heart, chicken, foot, sheep's eye and pig snout shapes). Better yet, the company's slogan for its new candy line is “tastes great, looks sick.”