April 15/Prepared Foods-- Kristen Borsari has been appointed Ocean Spray ITG's senior global marketing manager, responsible for the ingredient division's worldwide marketing strategy. Kristen will oversee the promotion of Ocean Spray ITG’s entire range of innovative cranberry ingredients, which includes BerryFusions Fruits and sweetened dried cranberries (SDCs). Providing marketing support and strategic direction to the sales team and local agents worldwide, Kristen brings a wealth of experience and market knowledge to the position.

Since joining Ocean Spray Cranberries in 1998, Kristen has held a number of key roles in marketing. Her most recent position was senior marketing manager, foods, responsible for Craisins –- Ocean Spray's retail brand of sweetened dried cranberries -– and sauce. Kristen brings with her 10 years of experience in food marketing and her knowledge of Ocean Spray's retail activities will help to align ITG's business with the co-operative as a whole.

Commenting on the appointment, Rob Beams, vice president of Ocean Spray ITG, says, “With sales of BerryFusions Fruits and SDCs rocketing, Kristen’s first-class credentials and knowledge of Ocean Spray’s business will allow her to provide invaluable support and direction to our worldwide sales drive. As cranberry popularity continues to soar, strong marketing leadership will be essential in consolidating cranberry’s success.”

Borsari adds, “The ingredient division is an important part of Ocean Spray’s business, and I am excited to take on this new challenge. My aim is to build on the global success of Ocean Spray ITG and to continue to inspire our customers to innovate with cranberry.”

From the May 12, 2008, Prepared Foods e-Flash