Kraft is the most prominent 100-calorie pack manufacturer, with more than 30 varieties marketed under its Nabisco brand. These portion packs are typically marketed to calorie-conscious adults, but Kraft Nabisco’s latest venture in portion control is one of its most noteworthy yet, as it is the first product offering portion-controlled snacks for children. 

In the U.S., the prevalence of childhood obesity has alerted parents in recent years to the perils of large portions and steady diets of foods laden with saturated fat, sugar and calories. Nabisco has launched a line of pre-portioned snacks geared toward children that helps parents make better decisions when providing snack portions to their little ones. Nabisco Itty Packs are available in “Mini” combo packs of children's favorite snacking varieties, including Mini Teddy Grahams & Mini Honey Maid Bees Grahams, Mini Nilla Wafers & Barnum’s Animals and Mini Cheese Nips & Smilin' Ritz Crackers. These products are marketed in 80-calorie packs.