October 2011/Prepared Foods -- To meet the growing demand for healthy foods, Sargento Food Ingredients Division recently announced the launch of its better-for-you (BFY) platform. Healthy foods address varied consumer concerns, from nutritional claims to “free from” or reduced levels of ingredients, like


sodium or fat. The Sargento BFY platform offers a range of flavorful solutions to address the many different products that fall under the BFY umbrella. From reduced-fat and -sodium natural cheeses to customized culinary ingredients, processes and portion-control packaging options, the ingredients work well in a number of formulations, including reduced-sodium and -fat; all-natural; trans fat-free; kosher/halal; portion control; clean label; organic; gluten-free; weight management;
rBST-free; and more. Sargento Food Ingredients, www.SargentoFoodIngredients.com pf