July 10/Stratham, N.H./PRNewswire -- Premium Swiss chocolatier Lindt & Sprungli USA announces a partnership with The Culinary Institute of America (CIA) to blend crafted premium chocolate with culinary education, inspiring excellence among students and food enthusiasts alike.  Through the partnership, Lindt will collaborate with the next generation of culinary experts in a student contest searching for innovative dark chocolate bar recipes, sponsor CIA Boot Camp sessions, including several lectures and demonstrations with a Lindt Master Chocolatier, and donate premium chocolate products for use in CIA classrooms.  The partnership will elevate the premium chocolate experience for students and CIA Food Enthusiast Course attendees across the school's three U.S. campuses in Hyde Park, N.Y.; St. Helena, Calif.; and San Antonio, Texas.

"Both Lindt and The Culinary Institute of America continually seek ways to elevate and bring sophistication to our respective fields," said Thomas Linemayr, chief executive officer and president of Lindt USA.  "Our strong commitment to quality and craftsmanship blends perfectly with the culinary leadership and innovation at the Institute, which is why we are thrilled to kick off this partnership."

This summer, CIA students will have the opportunity to enter a scholarship contest, challenging their culinary creativity and expertise.  As part of the competition, hosted by Lindt and the CIA, baking and pastry students from the CIA's Hyde Park, N.Y. campus will have the opportunity to create unique recipes for a new dark chocolate bar.  Using the Lindt EXCELLENCE collection of high cocoa percentage bars and innovative flavor combinations as inspiration, students will develop and produce a new chocolate bar to be reviewed by an esteemed judging panel of CIA chef instructors and representatives from Lindt.  

In addition to its support for students enrolled at the CIA, Lindt is sponsoring all Food Enthusiast Dessert Boot Camps held at the three CIA campuses through March 2013.  Throughout the next year, Lindt will host guest lectures at select Dessert Boot Camp sessions sharing vast knowledge and expertise, including demonstrations focused on baking with and the history of premium chocolate.  Additionally, to share a taste of EXCELLENCE, Lindt will be providing complimentary EXCELLENCE 70% Cocoa and EXCELLENCE A Touch of Sea Salt bars to the more than 6,100 Food Enthusiast Course attendees throughout the year. 

The creations made by CIA students in the kitchen classrooms require the highest-quality ingredients.  To aid the chocolate experience for these aspiring culinary experts, Lindt will donate nearly 2,000 pounds of its premium chocolate to be integrated into the educational curriculum.  Over the next year, the students and faculty at the CIA's Hyde Park, N.Y. will benefit from hands-on experience using premium white, milk and dark Lindt chocolate, made from the finest ingredients and cocoa beans.

"At the CIA, our expert faculty constantly emphasizes the importance of high-quality ingredients and craftsmanship," said Tom Vaccaro, dean of baking and pastry arts for the CIA and Certified Master Baker.  "Lindt is equally as passionate about these qualities; therefore, we are thrilled to elevate the chocolate experience at our Institute through this partnership."