August 23/New York -- Inko’s LLC, a first beverage company marketing low- and no-calorie ready-to-drink (RTD) white teas, announced its extension into non-white tea varietals with three new flavors: Mango Passion Fruit Rooibos Tea, Half and Half Green Tea with Lemonade and Citrus Black Currant Oolong tea.

Packaged for the first time in standard, 15.5oz. recyclable aluminum cans, the new flavors are 50 calories per serving and keep with the company’s mission to bring all-natural, unique-tasting teas to health-conscious consumers.

“Firmly placed as the go-to brand for low-calorie, all-natural white teas, our expansion into other varieties is a natural progression for our company,” said Andrew Schamisso, founder and president. “Keeping calories at reasonable levels while maintaining what we believe to be the best flavor profiles of any tea on the market, Inko’s will always be a solution for customers looking to keep their drink choices healthy without sacrificing taste.”

Next year, independently owned Inko’s will celebrate its 10-year Anniversary. “Ten years in profitable business is a milestone few start-up beverage companies reach especially those with very modest friend-and family funding ,” said Schamisso. “It could only happen via the continued satisfaction of our health-driven customer and we are very proud that the flavors we bring to the marketplace are so well received. ”