October 22/Denver -- The Pulse Beverage Corporation, makers of Cabana 100% Natural Lemonade and Pulse brand of functional beverages, announced it has added “Blueberry Lemonade” as a sixth flavor to its Cabana 100% Natural Lemonade line-up of all-natural, “good-for-you” premium lemonades, joining original flavors Strawberry, Cherry, Lemon, Tropical Mango and Island Spice. Cabana 100% Natural Lemonade promises significantly reduced calories without the use of artificial sweeteners or coloring.

Bob Yates, CEO of Pulse, said, “We are excited about adding blueberry lemonade to our Cabana line-up. The feedback we are getting is that it will become our leading flavor. In a recent tasting of our blueberry lemonade a comment we received was, ‘This is the best tasting beverage I have ever had.’ Lemonade is a rapidly growing beverage segment and is America’s second favorite juice drink, and 89% of juice drinkers consume lemonade. Lemonade appeals to a wide variety of demographics and doesn’t require a great deal of consumer communication. Our premium lemonades are packaged in eye-catching 20 fl. oz. glass bottles and are receiving increasing exposure at the grocery store level nationwide where it is one of the top selling products.”