Wasabi in-body

December 12/Beaverton, Ore. -- Beaverton Foods is expanding from the specialty condiments aisle to delicatessens and restaurants with its new Pacific Farms Authentic Wasabi. The 1oz. refrigerated single-serve cup joins the 3.5oz. jar, which hit the national grocery marketplace this spring.  The suggested retail price is $1.49 for the 1oz. cups.  The 3.5oz. jar retails for $5.99 and 1.53oz. tube retails for $4.99.  There is also a 13oz. foodservice size available.

CEO Domonic Biggi said Beaverton Foods has watched the growing market for authentic wasabi products.  This consumer demand is in part why the company acquired the Pacific Farms brand a year ago.

“Beaverton Foods wanted to fill a much-needed gap,” Biggi said. “Most wasabi products now available in the marketplace are made with mustard flour, horseradish powder, fillers and artificial colors -- not authentic wasabi. We are excited with the Pacific Farms line extension and it has been well received by consumers.”