Buffalo Nuts in body

January 8/Charlote, N.C. -- Tropical Foods has introduced new flavors to its Buffalo Nuts line. The bold new flavor additions include Buffalo Nuts with Ranch, Honey Roasted Buffalo Nuts, and Buffalo Nuts with Blue Cheese.

“We are excited to introduce our three new flavors to the Buffalo Nuts family,” said Chad Hartman, marketing director at Tropical Foods. “Our new additions allow people to choose from a variety of spicy flavors and add to the industry trend of bold snacking options.”

Buffalo Nuts are peanuts with a kick of zesty buffalo wing flavor. The original Buffalo Nut flavor was tested for months prior to market launch. Buffalo Nuts with Blue Cheese is like eating a buffalo wing with blue cheese dressing. Buffalo Nuts with Ranch combines the cool flavor of ranch with the kick of Buffalo Nuts to create a zesty blend. Honey Roasted Buffalo Nuts start out with a sweet honey taste and end with a full spicy buffalo wing flavor.