Yoplait Pro-Force in body

January 16/Minneapolis -- Greek yogurt's explosion of new offerings is complementing the category, and Yoplait has identified the next "it" crowd for Greek yogurt -- tweens. New Yoplait Pro-Force is a Greek yogurt that the company claims contains two times the protein of the leading kids' yogurt. Available in Strawberry Blast and Mixed Berry Burst flavors, the snack-size offerings are as fun as they are healthy.

An excellent source of calcium, Yoplait Pro-Force contains no artificial colors, flavors or sweeteners and contains 9g of protein per 3.5oz.serving. Available nationally, Yoplait Pro-Force has a suggested retail price of $2.99 per four pack.

"Yoplait Pro-Force yogurt was inspired by our Greek line of yogurts. In looking at the protein benefits of Greek yogurt for adults, we naturally considered this a terrific product that would provide higher protein for active tweens," said Ashley Karr, Yoplait Kids associate marketing manager. "However, tweens really don't think Greek yogurt tastes good, so we created a product that is colorful, creamy and flavorful, while delivering the nutritional benefits of Greek yogurt."

With 30 years of experience, Yoplait continues to bring innovation to the category by focusing on consumers' varying needs. Moms are looking for higher protein offerings for their active kids, yet they also want it from a trusted brand they can rely on and is fun for their families.

"Getting kids to try new things can be a challenge," said Karr. "We wanted to make Yoplait Pro-Force fun and cool so it's not all 'Greek' to them. From the vibrant packaging to 'kid-approved' flavors, this new product is a hit with kids and moms."