Sartori Limited Edition Cheese in body

February 11/Plymouth, Wis. -- Sartori Company has announced the return of its Limited Edition Extra-Aged Goat cheese to finer cheese shops in June. This unique, award-winning cheese was awarded a prestigious Gold Medal from the U.K. based Global Cheese Awards.

This special limited edition release is meticulously crafted by Sartori cheesemakers using a blend of old world tradition coupled with American ingenuity.  The cheese is made in limited quantities and only produced when the conditions are perfect and the ingredients are readily available.

Sartori cheesemaker Pam Hodgson notes, "It was important to me to create a well-balanced goat cheese that anyone can enjoy.  After my team and I spent many years experimenting, we determined that at 10 months of aging, we achieved what we believe to be a wonderfully balanced and very unique goat cheese.  To have won Gold at the Global Cheese Awards is a great honor. Like all of Sartori's cheeses, the Extra-Aged Goat cheese is a blend of science and art; we individually handle each wheel and test each batch, making sure the cheese is 'just right' before releasing it.  To add the finishing touches, each wheel is hand signed and numbered."

Sartori's Limited Edition Extra-Aged Goat cheese will be available at select specialty cheese shops throughout the U.S. in June and July.  Additionally, a limited supply of 4oz. wedges will be available for sale at the Sartori online store,