Sartori Cheese released its Limited Edition Extra-Aged Goat Cheese to specialty cheese shops throughout the United States during the months of June and July. Hand-crafted in small batches using 100% goat's milk, this specialty cheese is only released twice during the year.

Sartori's Extra-Aged Goat Cheese is made within Sartori's Italian hard-style tradition. Unlike a typical soft, fresh goat cheese, Sartori's is extra-aged for a minimum of 10 months. "This goat cheese is surprisingly different than what most expect. When we age this in our curing room, the flavors begin to balance out and in the end the cheese delivers a savory, smooth, and creamy finish with hints of caramel," said Sartori Master Cheesemaker, Pam Hodgson.

As with many award-winning cheese, Sartori's Extra-Aged Goat has a wonderful story of origin. A few years back this cheese was developed by Hodgson and her team.

"The idea has always been there to experiment with goat's milk. Growing up, I was very familiar with goats. My dad purchased a couple goats to help trim his lawn on the farm and later in life my children showed the animals during county fairs. When starting with the creation of this cheese, our hurdle was to understand how to craft a hard goat's milk cheese and stay true to our Italian roots. We decided to partner with LaClare Farms to source the freshest, highest quality goat's milk. From there, we created a hard goat's milk cheese and aged it. It's the steps within the cheese make process that allowed us to continue within our tradition of hard-style award-winning cheese," added Hodgson.