cupcakes, vanilla flavor cupcakesSolvay Aroma Performance introduces Govanil, a new range of vanilla flavors to revolutionize the way consumers taste and perceive vanilla notes in cookies, biscuits, pastries, cakes, fillings and chocolates. Combining a rare intensity—up to 20% more intense than standard vanilla flavors—and a note that provides a unique, long-lasting effect on the palate, Govanil also significantly enriches a wide range of other flavors, including butter, egg, biscuit, caramel and fruit. The line includes Govanil, the benchmark vanilla flavor with unique and long-lasting character; Govanil Intense, a grade ideal for doses below 0.1% and custom-made tastes; and Govanil Natural, which delivers vanilla taste obtained from renewable sources and meets the requirements of both the American and European regulations for natural products. This grade allows for the use of “natural flavor” on food labeling, a key market trend that strongly influences food consumption.

– Solvay Aroma Performance,