Powerade Zero Drops in body

June 7/Atlanta -- Powerade Zero is offering the zero-calorie hydration solution, with ION4 Advanced Electrolyte System, into the hands of athletes with the introduction of Powerade Zero Drops.

Powerade Zero is described as the first ready-to-drink sports drink brand to launch an on-the-go product that allows people to turn water into a zero-calorie sports drink.

"Convenience is key," said Ilan Sobel, senior vice president, glaceau. "Between class, practice, errands and work, our lives are becoming busier and busier by the day. With Powerade Zero Drops, we're providing athletes with even more options to help hydrate with sports drinks. And, we're doing it without sacrificing any of the great-taste or zero-calorie, electrolyte-enhanced refreshment that people have come to expect from us."

Powerade Zero Dropsis offered in three flavors -- Mountain Berry Blast(R), Fruit Punch and Orange. Each variety of Powerade Zero Dropsis available in a 3-fluid ounce squeezable bottle and makes approximately 24 eight-fluid ounce servings. With a suggested retail of price of $3.99, it offers 33% more servings versus the primary competitive flavor enhancer with electrolytes. Powerade Zero Drops is offered in the drink mix aisle at retailers nationwide.