Hawaiian Ice in body

June 24/Newton Grove, N.C. -- Shaved ice and snow cone retailer Hawaiian Shaved Ice recently announced the addition of eight new flavors to its existing variety of syrups. Just in time for hot summer months, these new flavors will compliment Hawaiian Shaved Ice’s existing shaved ice and snow cone-making kits and machines for the home.

Hawaiian Shaved Ice’s new syrups represent a departure from the traditional fruit flavors of the past. Their eight new flavors incorporate a number of bold tastes and unexpected types of foods. Hawaiian Shaved Ice’s new Cookie Dough flavor promises all of the sweet, comforting goodness of homemade cookie dough, but in a cool, icy treat. Similarly, the new Red Velvet Cake syrup tastes just like the rich cocoa and sweet cream cheese frosting of red velvet, drizzled over refreshing shaved ice. The upcoming Key Lime Pie syrup features the tastes of a summer dessert favorite, with a tangy lime and vanilla blend. These new dessert-inspired shaved ice flavors from Hawaiian Shaved Ice are refreshing, low in fat and will appease those with a sweet tooth. These flavors can be purchased in one quart size bottles and gallon sized flavored syrups.

For fans of the traditional fruity shaved ice flavors, Hawaiian Shaved Ice has created delicious fruit-flavored syrups not commonly known about. The unique Cherimoya flavor is based on the taste of the Cherimoya fruit, grown in Central and South America. It tastes like a banana and pineapple blended together, and over shaved ice or a snow cone the Cherimoya syrup tastes very cool and tropical. More traditional Pomegranate and Grapefruit flavors are also featured in Hawaiian Shaved Ice’s list of new summer syrups, giving consumers a traditional fruity flavor with a slightly unique twist. For the adventurous palette, look for flavors like Jalapeno and Ocean Mist.