Firmenich seafood companyGlobal flavor and fragrance leader Firmenich, Geneva, Switzerland, says its seafood flavors meet the Marine Stewardship Council’s (MSC) Chain of Custody certification standard.

Officials say it certification applies to its seafood flavors produced from North East Atlantic Codfish, Saithe, and Haddock.  MSC Chain of Custody Certification verifies that any MSC-labeled products originate from fisheries that are certified to the MSC standard for well-managed and sustainable fisheries. This means that the origin fishery operates in manner that keeps fish stocks, other marine life and eco systems healthy.

It also indicates that the origin fishery has made efforts to minimize its environmental impact, abides by all local, national and international laws, and operates under the guidance of accepted scientific findings to ensure sustainable use of the marine resources.

“Receiving MSC certification is a fantastic sustainability achievement for our seafood business,” says Aldo Uva, president of Firmenich Flavors. “Firmenich is committed to building and supporting sustainable business models within the flavor industry and this is a true reflection of our dedication.”

The announcement involves Firmenich’s seafood facility in Ålesund, on the West coast of Norway. The operation has access to fish from the North Atlantic and the Barentz Sea; and annually processes 10,000 tons of seafood raw materials. These raw materials are largely by-products from seafood processors.

Through sophisticated biotechnological processes, Firmenich converts the by-product and creates seafood extracts and flavors such as Codfish, Shrimp, Lobster, Crab and Squid. These ingredients are commonly used in soup, stocks, sauces and ready-to-eat meals. The facility focuses on 25 seafood natural materials and 11 species of fish, all which have been caught in the wild. Officials say 86% of the total seafood raw material comes from MSC-certified fisheries. The remaining 14% is from smaller fisheries that are in the process of certification.

By minimizing seafood industry by-products and maximizing the value created from the marine resources, Firmenich believes it can help meet seafood flavor market demand—and not add extra burden on fish stocks.


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