Seagram 80 in body

April 15/Kitchener, Ont. -- Brick Brewing Co. Limited announced the launch of Seagram 80 Mixed Berry, a new flavor with approximately 1/3 of the calories of the leading cooler.

"Seagram 80 is the one and only naturally sweetened, 80-calorie vodka cooler in the Canadian market," declared Russell Tabata, chief operating officer, Brick Brewing. "Seagram 80 Mixed Berry is a clear, sparkling drink sweetened with all-natural Stevia. It's made with 100% pure spring water and all-natural mixed berry flavour, so it's a perfect summer cooler. And people want fewer calories in the summer so that makes this vodka cooler even better." added Tabata.

"Stevia is becoming increasingly popular in a number of food and beverage categories because it's an all-natural alternative to the artificial sweeteners found in many earlier generation low-calorie products," offered Sean Dennis, director of Marketing. "The vodka cooler category is a summer favorite of many people in Ontario, and there really haven't been many low-calorie options available, and certainly none that were naturally sweetened. Mixed Berry is our best flavor yet. It's a clear, sparkling cooler that promises to be a big hit this summer."

"Seagram has become a dynamic and exciting part of our overall business. Seagram is now the only national brand of coolers available at The Beer Store," stated George Croft, president and CEO. "Seagram 80 is the only naturally sweetened, low-calorie cooler in the country. And our Seagram Cider has won a silver medal at the prestigious Monde Selection quality awards in Belgium for the past two years. We hope people enjoy drinking these great products as much as we do making them."