coconut water, coconut concentrateiTi Tropicals predicts that within five years, coconut water concentrate (CWC) -- as an ingredient -- could be as significant as pineapple juice concentrate.  After having helped launch coconut water in 2009, iTi has tripled its own production capabilities and forecasts that CWC demand will only grow. “Currently, the focus is on the amount of calories in 100% fruit juices, so address this and reduce the calories while maintaining 100% juice,” suggests Gert van Manen, iTi Tropicals president . “It is our challenge and goal to educate and provide the tools to develop 100% juice products that are consumer-preferred alternatives to sugary drinks.” iTi Tropicals’ website for product developers includes FAQs, application ideas,  news and a calculator for pricing and calories. Formulators cans easily calculate to compare costs and calories for several ingredients; or as a more comprehensive cost and calorie calculation for new beverage development.

--iTi Tropicals Inc., www.