Didion Milling, Cambria, Wis., said it promoted Riley Didion to vice president of business development, a new position at the company.

"Riley is a big believer in teamwork. He enjoys interacting with people and exploring new opportunities, so it is a natural fit for him," says John Didion, CEO. "He will focus on developing great people and excellent products, finding new ways to add value across business units."

In his new role, Didion will oversee human development, project management, research and development and yeast protein products.

"The new position creates a special opportunity to really connect our company vision, employee growth and future business growth," adds John Didion. "It may not be normal for companies to connect business development with human development, but the two are closely connected at Didion Milling."

Didion is a family-owned agricultural processing business. Didion adds value to locally-grown grains through processing in its dry corn mill, soy facility and ethanol plant. Didion specializes in corn fiber, pre-gelatinized corn flours, viscosity-controlled corn flours, carriers, extenders and more.