Recent findings released from Technomic indicate “27% of consumers would consider ordering a flatbread crust for their pizza (up from 23% in 2012), and 64% would like pizza establishments to offer premium ingredients/toppings.” 


New product development teams looking for premium ingredients (in the dough, as a sauce and a topping) for flatbread and pizza know to turn to SupHerb Farms, a leading supplier of easy-to-use fresh-frozen flavor solutions.

“Our Fusions line not only adds authentic global flavor profiles to flatbread toppings, these products simplify prep and deliver a consistent sensory experience that customers crave,” says SupHerb Farms’ Executive Chef Scott Adair.

Adair says SupHerb Farms Fusions make it easy to develop and differentiate flatbread sauces and toppings; Indian Masala Flatbread is just one example of their versatility.

Chefs and food scientists reach for the SupHerb Farms brand for its consistently fresh flavor and on-trend, innovative products. Contact SupHerb Farms for more information about a wide range of IQFculinary herbs, specialty vegetables, and Fusions pastes, purees and blends.—SupHerb Farms,