Culinary Farms is a producer of distinctive, premium quality dried food ingredients. The company’s all-natural products include fresh dried, Pure Sun Dried™, traditional sun dried and USDA certified organic dried tomatoes, all California-grown. Culinary Farms also sells an extensive line of authentic dried Mexican chiles and mole sauces. Culinary Farms’ proprietary wood-blend smoking process is employed across a range of dried products, including tomatoes, pastes, cherries, bell peppers and salts. 

Culinary Farms now has complete frozen paste processing in-house. This new capability delivers greater control over product quality and inventory, and gives the ability to offer customers customized frozen pastes, serving concentrated flavor without preservatives or additives. Pastes are an excellent ingredient format for bases, soups, sauces and dressings.

By bringing paste processing in-house, Culinary Farms significantly enhances the ability for developing new paste products from just about any ingredient. Whether it is a vegetable, fruit or herb, Culinary Farms can custom blend small batches to create signature flavors, thereby allowing R&D chefs greater freedom for development.

The new in-house paste processing complements Culinary Farms’ other capabilities including ingredient sourcing, dehydration, roasting/smoking, x-ray piece scanning, blending and custom batch packing. Culinary Farms provides custom toll processing services to other producers, proving a good fit for companies who want to outsource to a fully capable organization with focused customer service, product quality and safety.

Culinary Farms own dried tomato and dried chile pastes are made with all natural, 100% product, with no preservatives or additives. The taste is pure because there is no salt, acid or other tangy/sour off-flavor. The pastes deliver a fresher, natural flavor profile of the ingredient from which it is made.

Culinary Farms,