You could say that vibrant color is “in season” all year long, even though winter weather may be bleak. The truth is, consumers still look for colorful foods on supermarket shelves and on restaurant plates. Then again, natural and healthy innovations are driving food and beverage trends and consumers don’t want to compromise on natural purity. 

The GNT Group offers a broad line entirely natural coloring concentrates suitable for almost every occasion. The solution is GNT’s line of EXBERRY® Coloring Foods. These color-intensive fruit, vegetable and plant concentrates are made exclusively from natural raw materials such as black carrots, pumpkins and blueberries.

After meeting with U.S. customers throughout the fall, The GNT Group will exhibit at Health ingredients (Hi) Europe, this Dec. 2-4, in Amsterdam.

“European consumers are reacting more and more sensitively to the use of additives. They are deliberately opting for products whose [ingredients] they know and understand,” notes Dr. Hendrik Hoeck, GNT Group managing director. “One of our most recent studies shows that only 9% of Europeans approve the use of additive colorants, but almost 60% want foods and beverages to be colored only with other foods. Natural options have therefore become an important buying criterion resulting in an extremely valuable competitive advantage for manufacturers.”

Likewise, GNT’s U.S. color experts are ready to address a broad range of manufacturers’ questions, such as…

• Can natural colors really make my application pop on the shelf?
• Will natural colors made from fruits and vegetables affect the taste of my application?
• Will pH affect the final color of my application?
• Do you have a natural blue available?
• How are EXBERRY® natural colors listed on the ingredient statement?
• Can your colors be used in global formulations?

GNT is ready to answers these and other questions and can send technical applications directly to any manufacturer. Contact us to speak to one of GNT's natural color connoisseurs or to request samples.

The GNT Group,