Ardent Mills, a leading flour-milling and ingredients company, is launching a YouTube video series to provide customers with brief and insightful reviews of the latest USDA grain reports. “The Inside Scoop” series is designed to help customers make sense of these reports to more effectively manage commodity risks in the grain markets. 

From all wheat classes to corn and soybeans, The Inside Scoop reviews production, stocks and consumption, along with developments affecting world trade in grains.

“At Ardent Mills, our goal is to help our customers understand, measure and mitigate their price risk exposure, reducing ‘unknowns’ to protect their business from price volatility,” says Dan Dye, chief executive officer of Ardent Mills. “Ultimately, we want to help our customers achieve their financial goals.”

Mike Miller is Ardent Mills’ vice president of risk management.

“We saw a need to develop a timely resource to help our customers quickly understand the USDA reports and provide meaningful insights for their business,” he says. “The grain markets are ever-changing and it can be challenging to build strategies for a moving target. It’s our goal to provide guidance on what is happening in the market and what is waiting on the horizon.”

The Inside Scoop is just one of Ardent Mills’ latest value-added customer services. Each episode will run approximately 5 to 10 minutes and will be posted online within one business day following the release of scheduled USDA reports.

The Inside Scoop covering the December 10 USDA report will be available at Customers without access to video streaming will be able to download the video as well.

“We know our customers are busy and that managing commodity risks is a critical element for long-term success in this competitive business landscape,” says Miller. “We hope that our customers find this new resource helpful in building their grain-based risk management strategies, and that they continue to look to us for thought leadership and support.”

Upcoming episodes of The Inside Scoop can be found by visiting the Risk Management page on, or on the Ardent Mills YouTube channel at For more assistance with risk management, customers are encouraged to contact the Ardent Mills Customer Risk Management Desk at (800) 851-9618.

—Ardent Mills,