Rojo’s Salsa, a brand of Refrigerated Mexican Salsa, introduced reformulated salsas and new salsa additions to the line. 


These salsas are crafted with more authentic taste using traditional recipes and preparation methods. The reformulated salsas are full of flavor and use blends of jalapeños, serranos and chipotle chiles to create rich, well-balanced salsas that deliver an authentic taste experience.

“We listened to consumers,” says Randy Bartter, Sr. VP of Sales & Marketing. “Consumers know what good, authentic Mexican food tastes like and they are expecting to find authentic salsas on the Retail Grocery shelf.”

In addition to the reformulations, Rojo’s Salsa has added three new salsas, including; a complex and zesty Black Bean & Corn with roasted corn and cumin, a “molcajete-style” Roasted Tomato & Green Chile with chunks of roasted tomatoes and green chiles, and Mango Chipotle, a coastal favorite that combines sweet and heat into one delicious salsa.

All of the products come in clear PET packaging so consumers can see the salsas before they buy them, and the package can go straight to the table for dipping chips or topping dishes.