StarLite Cuisine’s line of frozen vegan, Non-GMO, non-dairy, trans fat-free and cholesterol-free enchiladas, taquitos and tacos is not only redefining classic Mexican cuisine for today’s health-conscious consumers, but taking the art of ethnic vegan cooking to an entirely new plateau as well. Indeed, so delectably authentic in taste and texture are StarLite Cuisine’s wide range of products – including the brand’s popular gluten-free enchiladas and taquitos - that even flexitarians such as those who embrace Meatless Mondays appreciate them as viable alternatives to the traditional high-calorie, saturated fat-laden, meat-based Mexican fare sold at grocery stores, fast food chains and public venues. 

No wonder StarLite Cuisine’s gluten-free Vegan Taquitos were honored with PETA’s coveted Golden Bun Award in the crowded category of Best Vegetarian Food Entrees, and no wonder the company’s brand new line of pea protein-powered, soy-free and gluten-free Vegan Enchilada entrees are poised to be among StarLite Cuisine’s most popular items ever.

Shining New Lite On Healthy Mexican Cuisine

For many devoted vegans as well as those ready to at least occasionally embrace a meat-free lifestyle, perhaps nothing was more frustrating over the years than the dearth of truly appetizing and convenient ethnic vegetarian dishes. Sure, there were a few appealing Asian and American vegan alternatives, but why couldn’t anybody crack the code when it came to perennial Mexican favorites such as tacos and enchiladas? Finally, however, somebody did – and a game-changing brand named StarLite Cuisine was born.

Today, StarLite Cuisine’s popular array of products - all manufactured in Southern California with the finest, all-natural vegan ingredients and no added MSG, preservatives or artificial additives – are sold at major and independent natural and gourmet stores throughout the county. In addition, StarLite Cuisine is rapidly building momentum in the foodservice arena, including recently being selected by Sodexo’s Student Choice survey in Tampa as a top five preferred food choice among university students.

At present, StarLite Cuisine’s family of products includes:

• Enchiladas. Varieties (all under 400 calories per entrée) include Enchiladas Rojas (Red Sauce), featuring two large gluten-free enchiladas filled with pea protein (a natural plant-based and allergen-free vegetable protein derived from field peas), bell peppers, black beans, traditional red sauce and StarLite Cuisine’s proprietary vegan cheese; and Enchiladas Verdes (Green Sauce), with pea protein, bell peppers, corn, a tangy tomatillo sauce and vegan cheese.

• Other flavors include Enchiladas de Queso (Bean & Cheese), with all-natural corn tortillas filled with creamy pinto beans and vegan cheese topped with red sauce; and Enchiladas Suizas (Cream Sauce), featuring pea protein, red and green bell peppers, non-dairy cream sauce and vegan cheese.

• Vegan Taquitos (the only vegan and gluten-free taquitos available for retail in North America and almost twice the size of conventional meat taquitos). Varieties include Vegan Beef Style; Vegan Chicken Style and Vegan Chorizo & Black Bean Style (all featuring eight hand-rolled corn tortillas with soy protein and authentic spices.

• Crispy Rolled Tacos. Varieties include Santa Fe Chicken Style and Chipotle Chicken Style (also known as flautas) - both containing six hand-rolled flour tortillas with soy protein, chopped veggies and authentic spices).