Ceamsa’s multi-functional citrus fiber helps processors address consumers’ two greatest areas of interest: healthier foods and clean labels.

Ceamsa has developed several applications that feature citrus fiber in a wide variety of products. Derived from citrus peel, new Ceamfibre has high insoluble fiber content. As a result, this versatile fiber offers many functional and nutritional benefits. 

In bakery products, Ceamfibre helps reduce both fat and cholesterol content—without decreasing product appeal and acceptability. Moreover, bakers can increase fiber content with a healthful, clean label source—rather than an additive in the ingredients list.

Ceamfibre delivers important technological functions and even cost savings. The main reason for its technological functionality is its high water-binding capacity. Ceamfibre can bind water up to 10 times its weight and it also can bind oil up to four times its weight.

Ceamfibre can act as a fat replacer in baked goods. In fact, up to 50% of the fat content can be replaced in muffins by a fiber-water solution. Importantly, Ceamsa can help bakers achieve this without increasing water activity or reducing sensory characteristics.

Ceamfibre also serves as a …

… egg replacer: Ceamfibre also has proven functionality as an egg replacer. By using Ceamfibre, bakers can improve product quality and freshness throughout shelf life (which also leads to cost savings).Insoluble citrus fibers such as Ceamfibre can improve structural integrity of fragile foods that often are susceptible to breakage during manufacture and transportation. By adding Ceamfibre to the recipe, bakers can strengthen these types of products. At the same time, bakers are reducing losses and improving finished product quality.

… frozen dough enhancer: By adding Ceamfibre to frozen doughs, bakers can avoid ice crystal formation, sticky dough after defrosting and/or syneresis during defrosting. Meanwhile, Ceamfibre also helps enhance a finished product’s moistness and freshness.

There are many possibilities for Ceamfibre in the bakery industry. Moreover, Ceamsa keeps investigating its technological advantages to offer the best solutions—for both manufacturers and consumers.

Ceamsa is represented in US and Canada by JF Hydrocolloids Inc.

— Ceamsa, www.ceamsa.com or JF Hydrocolloids, www.jfhydrocolloids.com