ESHA Research now offers a European Union labeling module for its flagship Genesis R&D Food Development and Labeling Software. The new module allows users to automatically create camera-ready nutrition labels that comply with EU regulations. 


“Our product development group teamed up with European food consultants to deliver a compliant EU label module to benefit new and existing customers that sell food products in the European Union member states,” says Product Manager Josh Luth. “ESHA now offers government compliant label modules for Canada, European Union, Mexico and United States, and will continue to expand our labels into other countries.”

With Genesis R&D and the EU label module, food manufacturers can enter their food formulations into Genesis and, with a couple of mouse clicks, output an EU label that is compliant with the latest EU 1169 FIC guidelines. In addition, all country labels in Genesis can be viewed with ease, making comparison easy for multinational companies.

“The labels come with a variety of formatting and other options that conform to EU labeling specifications,” Luth adds. “For example, customers have asked specifically for the automatic weight percentages in the ingredient statement. That’s in there.”

To see a sample of the labels created by the program, visit

Since 1991, ESHA Research’s software programs and databases have been used throughout the world, by 80% of the top U.S. food manufacturers, restaurants and many other institutions for nutrient analysis, labeling and product development.

— ESHA Research,