Crazy for Cranberry

The powerful antioxidant and anti-adhesion properties inherent in cranberries are present even in juice form. Ocean Spray has added a new "not from concentrate" cranberry juice to its portfolio. Cranberry juice has an exceptionally high concentration of antioxidants, to promote cardiovascular health, lower cholesterol and actively prevent infection. The not-from-concentrate labeling makes the ingredient even more appealing to consumers, and is ideal for use in natural fruit drinks and smoothies. Ocean Spray ITG, Tom Jones, 508-946-7606,,


Seed of Change

Controlling blood glucose levels is very important to weight loss, diabetes management, specialty diets and heart health. JamboLean, from Roxlor International, is a proprietary extract of the jambol tree native to eastern India. Removed from the seed of the fruit through a natural extraction process, it is standardized and dried to an easy-to-use powder form. Jambol Extract has been used around the world for its anti-hyperglycemic properties. Roxlor International, 302-778-4166,,


Fixing Fortification

Consumers want products that not only are attractive and tasty, but that have health benefits as well. Nutrient fortification presents distinct problems for the food manufacturer. LycoRed premixes help manufacturers create healthy products. LycoRed has announced its entry into the U.S. premix market, with the acquisition of a production facility in New Jersey. With a wide array of innovative solutions to the problems of vitamin and mineral fortification, LycoRed is poised to provide manufacturing-friendly, innovative and functional solutions to fortification problems. LycoRed, Leo Cullen, 877-582-6733,info@lycored . com,


MMMeat MMMimic

A new generation of concepts, ingredients and technology will allow meat companies to provide a nutritious product with the same distinct flavors and textures of beef or chicken. The patent-pending technology SoleCina is the result of several years worth of research and development by the Solae Company. A proprietary blend of vegetable and meat protein is converted into a nutritious mix with the consistency of cooked, whole-muscle meat. With less calories, less fat and less cholesterol, the product still manages to perfectly mimic the taste and texture of meat. The Solae Company, Andrew Shea, 314-659-3379,,


Fat Loss

The outcome of new research provides substantial insights on the effects of CLA for body weight management. Clarinolâ„¢ CLA from Lipid Nutrition reduces fat mass in particular locations on the body, without any additional exercise. Not only did the CLA group lose weight, but it also lost a significant amount of fat in the legs and mid-section. Additionally, the safety of Clarinol CLA was evaluated by monitoring adverse events and blood safety parameters. Insulin sensitivity was not adversely affected. Lipid Nutrition, Patrick Luchsinger, 815-730-5208,,


Nutraceuticals and Surgery

Treating patients with D-Ribose (CORvalenâ„¢) before beating heart coronary artery bypass grafting surgery proved to be just what the doctor ordered, as a paper recently presented to the American Thoracic Society International Conference in San Diego proposed. A controlled study showed that post-operative improvement in cardiac index was 55% higher in the group treated with ribose. This means the heart can pump more blood with each beat. While the heart-lung machine is acknowledged as one of cardiac surgery's most important inventions, there are risks associated with stopping the heart and temporarily replacing its functions with a machine, including bleeding, major stroke and neurological problems, as well as a longer recovery period. Ribose supplementation also has allowed the medical team to get critical cases to the operating table sooner. Bioenergy Inc.,



The value of DHA as a dietary supplement has been recognized for some time now, but the earliest sources of DHA were from fish oils, which tasted like--fish. Martek DHA offers a clean taste and aroma that will not compromise food flavors and is free of oceanic pollutants. From a non-GMO strain of algae, Martek DHA is kosher, has a high concentration of DHA (minimum of 35%), has a stable and consistent composition, and is accepted by the FDA as GRAS for use in foods. Martek DHA gives consumers the health benefits of DHA without the fishy taste. Martek Biosciences Corporation, 888-652-7246,,


Kellogg Goes Low-lin?

A major investment by one of the largest food manufacturers in the world sends a strong message about the application of low-linolenic oil. Kellogg Company announced in early December 2005 that it would reformulate some of its products using QUALISOY-approved soybean oil in an effort to reduce trans fats. While the current supply of soybean oil is limited, producers are optimistic that a growth in demand for low-linolenic soybean oil will motivate farmers to plant commercial-size crops of the trait-enhanced beans. QUALISOY, 314-579-1583,, NS


Eat More Chocolate

A cup of hot cocoa might be the key to looking younger, according to a small study sponsored by a chocolate company. German researchers found women who drank an antioxidant-rich hot cocoa for three months had smoother, better-hydrated skin, less vulnerable to sunburn. The improvements could stem from the cocoa's high levels of antioxidants called flavonols, said study co-author Wilhelm Stahl, a researcher at Heinrich Heine University in Dusseldorf. Flavonols are plant compounds also found in less-fattening alternatives such as tea, wine and some fruits and vegetables. Research has suggested they improve blood flow and blood-vessel function. Confectionery company Mars sponsored the study.

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