Directly Compressible Soy Germ Isoflavone Extract

A soy germ isoflavone extract specially created for direct compression is the latest addition to the SoyLife range of products. Acatris has introduced SoyLife DC, which allows producers of tablets and capsules to use isoflavones in their formulations without wet granulation or other compacting steps. SoyLife DC is less dusty than powdered extracts and has a higher bulk density. It is available in 10% and 40% isoflavone concentrations, and is non-GMO. The SoyLife brand includes a range of ingredients based on soy germ, containing high levels of isoflavones. The products are available in isoflavone concentrations ranging from 2% up to 40%, for use in foods, beverages and food supplements. Acatris,

Inulin Promotes Probiotic Vitality

Orafti has conducted a new study to determine if its Raftilose inulin promotes the survival of probiotic bacteria during product storage and through digestion in the body. The study tested yogurts containing the probiotics Lactobacillus rhamnosus or Lactobacillus casei, with 3% Raftilose P95 or Raftilose Synergy 1. The results indicate:


  • At 10 weeks, both types of Raftilose (added at 3%) were shown to protect probiotic bacteria over shelflife with no change in viability,
  • The yogurt processed through the in-vitro stomach/intestine with Raftilose showed no significant difference in L. rhamnosus cell counts versus a 36% decrease in counts for the control yogurt with no added Raftilose and
  • The yogurt with L. casei cultures showed a 5% decrease in culture vitality with Raftilose, while the control yogurt without added Raftilose suffered a 19% decrease in cell counts after simulated digestion. Orafti, John Martin, 610-889-9828,,

Boosting Brain Health

Phosphatidylserine (PS), a natural phospholipids nutrient, is active in cell membranes and is the major acidic phospholipid in animal brain membranes. Clinical research shows PS is beneficial for memory loss conditions, cognitive performance, improving mood and learning abilities. Enzymotec's R&D team has developed a new production method that enables the manufacture of high-grade PS: PS70 and PS90, in addition to other extensive products in its SharpPSTM line. The new grades are most suitable as bulk active for dietary supplements and functional foods, and allow manufacturers a range of capsule sizes, including making smaller capsules with the same RDA content. All PS grades are highly stable, easily tableted and have a long shelflife. The new grades are available in powder form and claim to have excellent flowability and color. Enzymotec Ltd., Ayala Berenson, 972-4-6545112,

Custom Formulations Prototype Booklet

A new booklet that details prototypes of custom formulations is now available from RFI Ingredients. The literature includes information on a variety of turnkey supplement and beverage blends for specific conditions such as energy, heart health, antioxidants, greens, glucose management, anti-aging, anti-stress and immunity. RFI Ingredients, 800-962-7663

Not Finding Answers to Fortification Challenges?

Advice and Insights Offered During Educational Seminars

Health and wellness are at the forefront of consumer trends. Prepared Foods/NutraSolutions will hold its first R&D Conference on September 19-20, 2005, in Oak Brook, Ill. Presenters will offer non-commercial advice on subjects ranging from use of antioxidants in beverages to how to get lab and pilot plant results with UHT- and HTST-pasteurized products to match those at the plant. For example, Fortitech will discuss the use of nutrient system pre-mixes to optimize new product development. Insights will be provided into the importance for validated analytical methods and reference materials to identify and quantify nutrients.

For more information, go to PF_RD_Conference, click on New 2005 R&D Conference at or contact Marge Whalen at 630-694-4347,