Peak Performance

California-based NutriBev Science, an affiliate of Nationwide Beverage Bottling Inc., has announced the launch of great tasting sports drinks containing PeptoPro®, the award-winning protein hydrolysate from DSM Food Specialties. RAD™ Endurance and RAD™ Recovery are a delicious way for athletic individuals to reap the benefits of combined protein and carbohydrate beverages. PeptoPro provides the energy during exercise and the amino acids necessary for enhanced muscle repair and recovery. RAD™ protein sports drinks were scientifically formulated to rehydrate, as well as provide energy in the form of protein and carbohydrates, supplying electrolytes to replace those lost during exercise and significantly shorten the recovery phase after exercise. DSM Food Specialties, 909-790-4840,

Boost in Rosemary Demand

Because of a rising demand from consumers concerned about chemically derived synthetic preservatives, food makers are more interested in natural preservatives, says Naturex. The herb rosemary is known for its powerful antioxidant properties. Naturex, a major player in the production of natural ingredients, has experienced an increase in rosemary extract sales of 20% in 2006 compared to 2005. This success is attributable to both increasing market demand and to Naturex’s 14 years of expertise in the extraction and formulation of rosemary extracts. The company’s expertise in formulation, application, and new product development is backed by experienced technical service and in-depth scientific support. Naturex, Antoine Dauby, + 33 (0)4 90 23 96 89,

Immunity Booster

Colds and flu are the most frequent infections across all age groups.  Each year, Americans suffer from one billion colds, 100,000 are hospitalized and about 36,000 may die from the flu and its complications. A compromised immune system makes people more prone to contracting a cold or flu. Cognis is helping companies meet the growing demand worldwide for immunity-boosting dietary supplements and functional foods. Among the ingredients Cognis recommends to enhance immune health are Covitol® natural-source vitamin E, Betatene® natural beta-carotene and Tonalin® CLA (conjugated linoleic acid). Cognis, 800-673-3702,,

Soluble Fiber

Cellulose is plant-derived and has always been a source of dietary fiber for humans. FORTEFIBER™ soluble dietary fiber is a new line of dietary fiber products from Dow that delivers proven health benefits. FORTEFIBER products are non-fermentable, non-allergenic and developed based upon patented technology. Shown in clinical trials to provide several health benefits related to promoting a healthy lifestyle, such as maintaining normal blood glucose, cholesterol and insulin levels, a variety of product grades are available to offer formulating latitude for uses ranging from liquids to hard-form products. The Dow Chemical Company, Jennifer Sigsworth, 989-636-1113,


Healthy Skin From Within

Lignans are naturally occurring substances found in plants, fruits and vegetables. They have been shown to modulate sebum production, which may be an important aid in the fight against acne. Leading essential fatty acid (EFA) solutions provider Bioriginal is launching a unique range of natural supplements with lignans. BioAsteri™ combines the multiple health benefits of Bioriginal’s GRAS certified borage oil and lignans to offer a natural product for the maintenance of healthy skin. Bioriginal’s new combination softgel will enable manufacturers to offer the complementary effects of both lignans and GLA in a targeted, appealing and convenient format. By preventing water loss, BioAsteri with lignans may help relieve dry or damaged skin and reduce inflammation in skin disorders such as acne, psoriasis and eczema. Bioriginal Food & Science Corp., 306-975-1166,

Cranberry May Help Fight Flu

Annual flu epidemics affect between 5% to 15% of the global population and are thought to result in between 250,000 and 500,000 deaths worldwide every year. Research suggests that North American cranberries may play a role in preventing certain flu viruses from attaching to host cells. Ocean Spray ITG has welcomed the results of a study that suggest the cranberry’s unique compounds may help to ward off certain types of flu virus. A powerful antioxidant, the cranberry is associated with overall health and wellbeing, particularly urinary tract, gut and oral health. Ocean Spray Cranberries Inc., Tom Jones, 508-946 7606,, ,

Fast Food Drink Really is a Fat Lot of Good

Fancy tucking into a guilt-free fast food meal? Irish scientists have come up with a new drink that reportedly allows you to eat what you like without absorbing the fat. A research team, led by Professor Brian McKenna and Jim Lyng of the Agriculture and Food Science Centre, has developed a new soft drink containing bioactive compounds that block fat uptake, offering a healthier alternative to the fizzy drinks that normally accompany high-fat, high-cholesterol meals. Natural ingredients such as oats and Chinese Oolong tea help assimilate fat and cholesterol in food and prevent them being metabolized in the body. The new drink is one of a number of breakthroughs in Irish food research highlighted in the new publication, Quality Food Founded on Science, which was recently launched by agriculture minister Mary Coughlan.

Other successful research projects will look at how to identify and use food components that can boost heart health, incorporate vitamin D to prevent disease, improve children's diets and develop rapid tests for harmful bugs. NS

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Beat the Moody Blues

Fish oil could be a new weapon to combat depression. Already thought to boost brain power and keep hearts healthy, combined with a nutritious diet daily omega-3 fish oil supplements could improve your mood. A joint study by the University of Sydney and Australian food wholesaler Goodman Fielder shows potential therapeutic benefits of omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acid incorporation in the diet which may contribute to an eventual long-term recovery.

The study, based on existing research into the effects of fish oil on patients with depression, will be published next month in the Journal of Nutrition and Dietetics. Their report adds to the growing reputation of oily fish as a wonder food, protecting against heart attack and sudden death, as well as providing a whole range of other benefits.

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Magnesium Helps Diabetes?

Oral magnesium supplementation may reduce fasting glucose levels and raise HDL cholesterol in patients with Type 2 diabetes. Researchers in a Brigham & Women’s Hospital study found that oral magnesium supplementation for four to 16 weeks may be effective in reducing plasma fasting glucose levels and raising HDL cholesterol, although the long-term benefits and safety of magnesium treatment remain to be determined. The study, published in Diabetic Medicine, also found no effect on total cholesterol, low-density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol or triglycerides.

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SIDEBAR: Lose Weight With Green Tea

Drinking green tea may help shed pounds. New research from a pilot study shows that daily cups of green tea or a green tea extract can lead to significant weight loss in days. Researchers say the potential benefits include appetite suppression, a drop in cholesterol and a healthier balance of hormones. Just what it is in the tea that produces these benefits is not clear, but researchers at Taipei Hospital in Taiwan say that antioxidants may help to speed up the body's ability to burn fat. A second study, at the University of Porto in Portugal, shows that cholesterol levels dropped after drinking a pint of green tea a day for four weeks.

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