Shining Glory
A new study indicates hair attributes and condition can benefit from a flax ingredient. Consumption of Glanbia Nutritionals’ proprietary, beauty-from-within, enriched flax ingredient increased the luster, shine and overall condition of human hair, according to the company. The ingredient was featured in a nutritional bar developed by Glanbia’s R&D group. Female participants in the study reported their hair was softer, smoother, had more luster and shine, and was easier to brush/comb, according to the research. Glanbia Nutritionals, 608-329-2800,

Great Goat’s Milk
Two popular, whole-foods nutritional supplements are now available in bulk quantities to food designers, manufacturers and processors. Mt. Capra Products, specialists in ingredients derived from all-natural goat’s milk, claims its Caprotein™ and Capra Mineral Whey™ are ideal powder additives for products that appeal to health-conscious consumers. Caprotein is described as a premium-quality, goat milk protein powder providing a balanced combination of whey protein and milk protein. Capra Mineral Whey is a mineral replacement that contains goat milk whey that has been uniquely processed to retain nutritional integrity. Mt. Capra Products, 800-574-1961,

Testing Options
Two new, in-house-generated genotoxicity assays bring important research options to one company’s clientele. KGK Synergize’s genotoxicity assays are invaluable tools to determine the safety or toxicity of compounds, says the company. The tests include the Ames test, to assess the mutagenic potential of compounds, and in vitro Neutral Red Assay (NRU), one of the most used cytoxicity tests, with many biomedical and environmental applications. KGK Synergize, 519-438-9374,

High Stability, Low in Fat
A high-stability canola oil with 4.0-4.5% saturated fat will be available in North America and will expand to other geographies in the future. Cargill’s Clear Valley® low-saturate canola oil has 25% less saturated fat than conventional canola oil and the lowest amount of saturated fat of any vegetable oil offered to date, says the company. Clear Valley is expected to deliver the high-quality taste and performance oil manufacturers and foodservice providers need, with the nutritional benefits consumers demand. The oil may allow food manufacturers to differentiate their brand with nutrient content claims, such as low in saturated fat, reduced-saturated fat or saturated fat-free, according to Cargill, who also says the product will be available for customer testing in early 2010. Cargill,

Food Fortification with Selenium
One company has received an FDA “Letter of No Objection” notification for its self-affirmed GRAS high-selenium yeast (GRN No. 260). Cypress Systems Inc. announces that its SelenoExcell® High Selenium Yeast can be used in selected food categories at a combined level to yield up to 150mcg daily as selenium. The food categories include grain products and pastas, milk products, soups, fruit and vegetable juices, among others. SelenoExcell is the only certified 100% organically bound high-selenium yeast standardized with the National Cancer Institute, and it has been selected as the sole intervention agent in a series of cancer prevention and health-related trials, notes the company. Cypress Systems Inc.,

Soy Foods and Men’s Health
A summary of the science behind soy foods (tofu, soymilk, soy yogurt, non-meat alternatives, soy nut butter, and cereals and bars with soy) suggests that it can promote men’s health by helping to protect against prostate cancer and reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease, notes the Soyfoods Association. It also can be an aid in weight management. A large body of research, including U.S. government and National Institute of Health-sponsored human and primate studies, documents important health benefits for men who consume soy foods and does not conclusively find any negative effects on male fertility or erectile function, notes Nancy Chapman, RD, MPH, executive director of the Soyfoods Association of North America. For more information, including links to a FAQs site and published references, see

Infused Cranberries Win Taste Award
An association of chefs and sommeliers, iTQi (International Taste & Quality Institute), has recognized Decas Cranberry Products Inc.’s Blucrans® All Natural Blueberry Infused Sweetened Dried Whole Cranberry for its outstanding taste. The 100% all-natural product contains blueberry juice infused into a dried, whole cranberry. One 40g serving of Blucrans contains the Type A-proanthocyanidin equivalent of one glass of cranberry juice cocktail and the juice equivalent of 20 fresh blueberries, says the company. Blucrans is part of Decas’ expanding line of Fruitaceuticals® enhanced dried cranberries including: Pomacrans®, Omegacrans® and Grapecrans™.  Decas Cranberry Products Inc.,   NS