Blended Immunity Drink 
This summer, expect pure innovation from one company. The Canadian-based OASIS brand is introducing the newest member of its line: OASIS Health Break Immuniforce. This delicious blend of blackcurrants and elderberries is the first juice in North America to contain Wellmune WGP®, from Biothera, an ingredient whose biological effect on the immune system has been scientifically proven, says the company. Biothera, the Immune Health Company, 651-675-0300,

Chia for the New Millennium
A new, patent-pending, neutral-tasting, water-soluble omega-3 microencapsulated powder is available for food applications. Benexia™ ALA Powder, from Proprietary Nutritionals Inc., is derived from oil from the chia plant (Salvia Hispanica L.) and has an ALA:LA ratio of 3-to-1. The health benefits, according to the company, include cardiovascular, brain and immune system, as well as support of a healthy inflammatory response. In comparison to conventional omega-3 sources, the company states, the benefits of Benexia ALA Powder include superior content of omega-3 EFA; oxidative stability; highly soluble; suitable for vegetarians and vegans; no cholesterol or trans fats; no fishy taste, smell or reflux; and does not pose any allergy or safety risks. Proprietary Nutritionals Inc., a subsidiary of Pharmachem Laboratories Inc., 519-647-2071

Got Milk?
A 65-year follow-up study concludes consuming plenty of dairy products at a young age may lower stroke risk and lead to a longer life. Some studies have suggested dairy-rich diets contribute to heart disease, because of high levels of saturated fatty acids and cholesterol. However, research published in the journal Heart and funded by health charities, tracked the lives and dairy intake of 4,374 children between 1948-2005, and found not only that dairy-rich diets in childhood do not contribute to heart problems later, but that higher childhood calcium intake was associated with lower stroke mortality. In addition, children in the group with the highest calcium intake and dairy product consumption were found to have lower mortality rates than those in the lower intake groups (van der Pols, JC, et al. 2009. Childhood dairy and calcium intake and cardiovascular mortality in adulthood: 65-year follow-up of the Boyd Orr cohort. Heart. Published online July 29).

Shelter from the Storm
HOWARU® Protect, a probiotic from Danisco, provides a safe and effective means to enhance the body’s natural defenses. A recent study, sponsored by Danisco and published by the American Academy of Pediatrics, demonstrated that children given the probiotic formulation had reduced coughing and running noses than those in the placebo group. The duration and severity of the cold/flu symptoms were also significantly reduced in the children receiving probiotics. Because of their enhanced natural defenses, these children had less need for prescription antibiotics and missed fewer days of childcare. Howaru Protect can be delivered via capsules, powder sachets and chewable tablets, and as an ingredient in dairy applications. Danisco,,

Another Reason to Love Chocolate
A leading manufacturer of high-quality cocoa and chocolate products has launched a new probiotic, industrial chocolate reported to help consumers maintain a healthy intestinal balance. Barry Callebaut’s ProBenefit, for the North American market, is manufactured using an exclusive, special production process. ProBenefit chocolate is enhanced with probiotic bacterial cultures that help to restore the balance of intestinal flora, says the company. The product, which is kosher-certified and available in dark and milk chocolate, offers the same great taste, texture and mouthfeel as non-probiotic chocolate, as well as a long shelflife with no refrigeration required, making it ideal for a wide range of applications . Barry Callebaut, 

Omega-3 Fortification
Food formulators can fortify their products with premium-quality omega-3 from marine sources perfect for either dairy or fine foods. Omega-360™, from Denomega Nutritional Oils, has excellent sensory characteristics, with no odor or taste. It is not made from concentrates, nor has it been artificially, chemically or genetically modified. Omega-360 will fortify products with a natural content of fatty acids EPA and DHA, claims the supplier. The company works closely with customers to ensure each solution is customized to the individual product and processing methods. Denomega Nutritional Oils, 303-581-9000,

Soy Protein Choice
As manufacturers seek to meet demand for functional beverages, SUPRO®XF soy protein isolate is the ideal choice for smooth, great-tasting beverages for the performance nutrition, clinical nutrition and weight-management segments. SUPRO XF is a patent-pending ingredient innovation from Solae that delivers exceptional flavor, low viscosity and high solubility. It is a complete protein that can be used to replace up to 100% of high-value dairy proteins, such as caseinates and milk protein isolates, while maintaining or improving the overall sensory experience, says the company. Solae LLC, 800-325-7108,  NS

Ginger for Health and Flavor
The August 3, 2009, issue of E-dition, Prepared Foods’ electronic newsletter, reviewed and provided published research references for the medicinal benefits of ginger and also explored its sensory benefits in foods. Ann Krause, senior project manager with Guelph Food Technology Centre and author of the article, points out that clinical trials support ginger’s anti-nausea properties for pregnant women experiencing morning sickness, for people with a history of motion sickness, and for chemotherapy patients and others after surgery to improve nausea symptoms. One piece of advice in the product development area was that, when balancing flavors in foods, formulators may want to consider mixing mint and ginger to give a cooler ginger heat profile.

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