Beauty Boom
Some innovative new product concepts featuring a broad line of functional ingredients for skin health and body shaping were recently introduced. Cognis Nutrition and Health’s portfolio of “edible beauty” ingredients include Tonalin® CLA, for body shaping, and four products for skin health: Betatene® natural mixed carotenoids; Xangold® natural lutein esters; Covitol® natural vitamin E; and Omevital™ omega-3 fatty acids. The drivers for this growth come from both Baby Boomers and the Gen X-Y segment, says Cognis. While Boomers are concerned more about repairing skin, to preserve their appearance, younger consumers are focusing on preventing skin damage. Cognis,

Krill Oil Agreement 
A biotechnology company has signed an agreement to be the exclusive supplier of a krill oil dietary supplement. Aker BioMarine will be the supplier of the company’s Superba™ Krill Oil dietary supplement to Schiff Nutrition International. The agreement is a major breakthrough for Aker BioMarine in the U.S. market. Superba Krill Oil will be the branded ingredient in MegaRed®, a Schiff Nutrition product. Schiff MegaRed is a krill oil-based, omega-3 product and one of the fastest-growing omega-3 products in the U.S. market, according to the company. Mega Red is available in most mass market retailers throughout the U.S. Aker BioMarine, +47 24 13 00 00,

Proven Probiotics
“Probio-Tec®...when science matters,” is the new tagline for a re-launch of probiotic dietary supplements and infant formula. The increasing focus on documentation and other key aspects of “science” among customers, authorities, consumers and other central stakeholders favors Chr. Hansen as a probiotics supplier having a scientifically superior approach and product portfolio, says the company. The four properties Chr. Hansen says characterize Probio-Tec’s products are documented effect, documented stability, proven safety and multiple applications. Chr. Hansen, 510-482-6258,

Nature Excels 
An innovative, trademarked ingredient from American ginseng is now available. Naturex is extending its NATlife™ range to the brain health market, with Cereboost™, a new ingredient backed by science. In a recent clinical study, Cereboost demonstrated a significant positive impact on mental function. Subjects supplemented with it experienced significant improvement in working memory and alertness. A patent-pending extract of American ginseng, Cereboost is perfectly suited to be incorporated into foods, beverages and dietary supplements, says the company. Naturex, France, +334 90 23 96 89,www

Collagen for Joint Health
A natural collagen concentrate containing undenatured type II collagen for joint health has been determined GRAS for use in both food and beverages. UC-II®, from InterHealth, has been shown to be both safe and effective in supporting joint health, according to the company. The research showed that people who use UC-II experience significant decrease in joint pain, stiffness and immobility--more than twice as much as people who use glucosamine and chondroitin, says InterHealth. GRAS status for food and beverages opens the door for UC-II to be included in a wide array of products, such as RTD beverages, dairy products, cereals and snacks. InterHealth Nutraceuticals Inc., 800-783-4636,

Good Economic News
Advantages in manufacturing enabled one company to provide lower pricing on its branded trans-resveratrol. DSM Nutritional Products cites significant progress efficiencies and technology optimization in the production of its resVida® 99% pure trans-resveratrol. In addition, an increased number of resVida launches in the food, beverage and supplement markets has resulted in improved manufacturing economies of scale. Also contributing to this growth is the rising awareness of resveratrol among U.S. adults. DSM’s resVida has been self-affirmed GRAS and is supported by DSM’s comprehensive safety package, which has been recently published inFood and Chemical Toxicology. DSM Nutritional Products, 800-526-0189,

Gum Immunity Booster
A prototype of a probiotic gum featuring new oral probiotic bacteria known as an immune system booster was recently created. Frutarom and Tab Labs collaborated to make the prototype featuring BLIS K12™, which is a functional gum designed for adults and children, and is available in Mint and Fruit flavors. A 20mg dose (one piece) is an amount shown to help boost immune system protection, says the company. BLIS K12 is also claimed to promote ear, nose and throat health, supporting protection against coughs and colds, and helping to balance the microflora in the mouth to ameliorate bad breath. Frutarom USA, 952-920-7700, www., Tab Labs, Canada, 604-513-1391,

Safe and Pure
The adenosine triphosphate (ATP) assay is one of the leading tools that can be used in food quality control and preventative safety. Deerland Enzymes is dedicated to ensuring all of its products meet the highest level of safety and purity. The company recently incorporated the use of ATP testing devices in its manufacturing process and remains committed to being proactive in seeking new technologies in all areas of the manufacturing process, says the company. Deerland Enzymes, 800-697-8179,www.deerland-enzymes.comNS