Life expectancies are increasing around the world, resulting in a higher number of women reaching menopause. As they age and estrogen declines, women experience climacteric complaints and hot flashes, which may be accompanied by weight gain and skin wrinkling and, in later years, osteoporosis and atherosclerosis. It has been estimated, between the ages of 40-59 years, 37.5 million women are entering or are in menopause1; by 2020, half of all Americans over 50 will already have or will develop osteoporosis2.

Genistein is an isoflavone found in soy that acts as a phytoestrogen (plant estrogen) and has a chemical structure that is similar to estrogen. DSM Nutritional Products has utilized a patented process to create allergen- and hormone-free geniVida, a proprietary, pure, non-soy genistein that benefits from self-affirmed GRAS. geniVida is a tasteless, odorless and colorless powder and is pesticide-/herbicide- and GMO-free.

Studies indicate that geniVida can effectively relieve menopausal symptoms, while helping to improve bone mineral composition. In a randomized, placebo-controlled, double-blind clinical study, this proprietary supplement resulted in a 51% reduction in hot flashes and night sweats compared to only 27% for women in a placebo group3. (See chart "Reduced Hot Flashes.") The clinical study involved 84 healthy, postmenopausal women who consumed either 30mg of the supplement or a placebo for 12 weeks. Women on geniVida experienced hot flash reductions of 28% after only 4 weeks; 45% reduction in 8 weeks; and 51% reduction following 12 weeks.

"This study offers new hope for women who suffer from common menopausal conditions and are seeking a non-hormonal solution," states Aparna Parikh, marketing manager, Human Nutrition and Health. "geniVida improves the quality of life for menopausal women."

This new evidence complements research showing that a geniVida Bone Blend significantly increased bone mineral composition by up to 3.4% in postmenopausal women in comparison with women taking a calcium placebo, who actually experienced bone loss. The 6-month supplementation study was randomized, placebo-controlled and double-blind and included 58 healthy, early postmenopausal women4. The geniVida Bone Blend is a unique patented combination of geniVida, omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA, and the vitamins D3 and K1.

Easy to incorporate into different supplement, food and beverage formulations, and supported by an increasing array of scientific studies, geniVida is proving to be the answer for menopausal hot flash relief and bone health.  NS

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