May 2012/NutraSolutions -- National Starch Food Innovation announced promising results of two recently published studies that support Hi-maize resistant starch’s benefits for glycemic health. The latest clinical trial (scheduled for the April 2012 Journal of Nutrition) found more than a 50% improvement in insulin sensitivity in overweight and obese men after consuming three tablespoons of Hi-maize resistant corn starch as a supplement in their diet. A second published study in theJournal of Nutrition and Metabolismconcluded that the fermentable resistant starch component of whole grains and legumes may be responsible for the subsequent meal glycemic and insulin effects of these whole foods. In other words, eating intact, whole grains and legumes at one meal helps reduce the glycemic and insulin responses of the next meal, and even meals consumed the next day, because of the resistant starch. – National Starch Food Innovation,