Ingred flavorsGelita USA’s collagen proteins provide the perfect texture in confectionery items. Moreover, specialized collagen in the form of bioactive collagen peptides opens the door to healthy formulations for joint health and beauty-from-within products. Stress on joints leads to wear and tear of the cartilage tissue and can finally end up in serious joint problems. Gelita’s Fortigel collagen ingredient stimulates the synthesis of collagen and proteoglycans, the two major components of joint cartilage. In this way, Fortigel counteracts the wear and tear on joint soft tissues and induces a measurable—and scientifically proven—regeneration of the cartilage. Meanwhile, several clinical and preclinical studies attest that orally applied bioactive collagen peptides in Gelita’s Verisol have a significant systemic impact on skin conditions. The skin becomes smoother and more elastic; can retain more moisture; and can exhibit a considerable reduction of wrinkles. Thus, it is perfectly suitable for the growing market of nutricosmetics.