grapes, grape vineAs people age, many experience a gradual increase in blood pressure, even though otherwise in good shape. Results from two recently published human clinical studies conducted by University of California, Davis, suggest that a patented grape seed extract could help to lower blood pressure, as well as help to manage postprandial LDL cholesterol and glycemic responses among adults with metabolic syndrome. One of the clinical studies, involving patients with metabolic syndrome, showed incidental blood pressure reductions, averaging 12mmHg for systolic and 8mmHg for diastolic pressures. Participants with prehypertension took 300mg of MegaNatural-BP once a day for two months, and blood pressure monitoring averaged, in systolic readings, mmHg lower; diastolic pressure was lower by 5mmHg.

MegaNatural products, from Polyphenolics Inc., were used in both studies. According to the Centers for Disease Control, an estimated 31% of adults over age 18—nearly one in three—have hypertension. Nearly another three in 10 are believed to have prehypertension. In addition, metabolic syndrome is a growing health concern associated with impaired glucose tolerance and poor glycemic control, which are some of the unfavorable effects of modern diets and lifestyle patterns. MegaNatural-BP grape seed extract is a distinct form of grape seed extract with efficacy backed by human clinical research. It’s made in California from a special seed blend derived primarily from varietal white wine grapes. The seeds are extracted with hot water; the extract is purified, concentrated and spray-dried, loading natural grape phenolics into the extract. The resulting extract powder is GRAS-approved and available for use as an ingredient for dietary supplements, functional foods and healthy beverage formulations.

—Polyphenolics Inc.,