Prepared Foods and its NutraSolutions brand present this annual “Ingredients for Health” reference. It offers market data and information about commercially available ingredients that assist developers and formulators with products that target various health benefits. From ingredients such as chia seed and red tomato for antioxidant supplementation, to the colors, flavors and textures that make nutraceutical products attractive and palatable, this section offers a comprehensive range of new offerings.

The categories are as follows:


Antioxidants for Health

After a double-digit decline in the number of food and drinks products recorded using “with antioxidants” claims in 2011, the 2102 total recorded by Innova Market Insights was virtually static. Global launch activity continued to be dominated by beverages, with soft drinks alone accounting for over a quarter of claims relating to antioxidants, although tea continued to be the largest individual sector, with 12.4%, ahead of fruit juices and drinks with 11.8%. Cereal and energy bars led the food products with antioxidant claims, with 4.9%, which was the same total as for iced tea. Fruit products came second, in terms of food launches, with 3.9%—ahead of breakfast cereals with 3.2%. The use of antioxidant claims is particularly popular in the U.S., where it was used for 3.3% of launches recorded in 2012, compared with just under 1.2% globally. Tea, cereal and energy bars also used a proportionally higher level of antioxidant claims in the U.S., featuring on a leading 9.8 and 9% of launches, respectively.

 –Lu Ann Williams, Innova Market Insights,


Protect Antioxidants

Many consumers are looking for specific antioxidants and other nutritional components which may be insufficient in a typical diet and may help prevent or control health issues with which they may be concerned. However, some antioxidants create a flavor problem for formulators. These taste issues can usually be resolved by masking or microencapsulating with The Wright Group’s SuperCoat technology.

The Wright Group creates nutritional ingredient platforms, antioxidant systems and value-added and, in some cases, microencapsulated ingredients, including a wide array of antioxidants. These include vitamin C, vitamin E, Beta-carotene and other carotenoids, CoQ-10 and natural botanicals like polyphenols and flavonoids that have antioxidant activity.

—The Wright Group, 800-201-3096,


Blueberry Power

Blueberries, nature's little blue dynamos, contain just 80 calories per cup. They are virtually fat free and a good source of fiber and vitamin C.  Plus they taste good! Consumers say flavor and health benefits motivate them to buy blueberries and products that contain blueberries. Researchers are investigating blueberries, including anthocyanins, pigments that give blueberries their beautiful color and also give them their high antioxidant activity. Antioxidants work by neutralizing free radicals, the byproducts of metabolism that can damage cells and DNA and lead to some forms of cancer, heart disease, stroke and other chronic diseases of aging.  Last year, there were more than 50 published studies about blueberry research involving antioxidants, anti-aging and cancer, to eyesight, brain function, diabetes and other topics.  Check out the US Highbush Blueberry Council Health Research Library and Database.

—US Highbush Blueberry Council, 916-983-0111,


Maximum Cranberry

Cran-Max proprietary cranberry concentrate from PNI is the most widely studied cranberry ingredient available and the first to be dosage-confirmed. Just one capsule per day has been shown to help prevent UTIs. Cran-Max is unique from other products because it is a whole-berry concentrate. It is made with a proprietary process (Bio-Shield) that utilizes all the vital parts of the cranberry: skin, seeds, pulp, juice and fiber. Several clinical studies have shown that Cran-Max is helpful for the prevention of urinary tract infections (UTIs). In fact, a study published in the Journal of Antimicrobial Chemotherapy, showed that the administration of Cran-Max, was comparable to the commonly prescribed antibiotic, trimethoprim, for the prevention of recurrent UTIs in older women.

—Proprietary Nutritionals Inc., 519-647-2071,


Green Tea Extract

Teavigo Green Tea extract is a natural product extracted through a proprietary process that concentrates the benefits of fresh green tea leaves.  This process ensures that Teavigo is potent and pure, with a minimum of 90% EGCG (epigallocatechin gallate, an antioxidant) to maximize healthful benefits.  Other green tea extracts have a much lower concentration of EGCG.  Teavigo is caffeine-free, and also free of any herbicide or pesticide residue.  In addition, Teavigo was self-affirmed GRAS in 2005 by a panel of qualified, independent experts. There is no bitter aftertaste associated with Teavigo, as with some other green tea extracts.  In fact, Teavigo has little or no affect on the taste profile of foods and beverages, and is water soluble. Numerous research studies have evaluated the effects of green tea, and specifically EGCG, on human health; EGCG supports cardiovascular health, aids weight loss by boosting metabolism and fat oxidation, and promotes oral health.

—Pharmachem Laboratories Inc., 800-526-0609,


Carotenoids, Pro-Vitamin A

Carotenoids are a group of colorful and powerful antioxidants, which are vastly found in fruits and vegetables where they provide bright yellow-orange-red colors. Their antioxidant properties are expressed as free-radical scavengers. Numerous studies have indicated that these antioxidants promote health and might help reduce the risk of coronary heart disease, cancers, etc. In addition, some of the carotenoids are known as pro-vitamin A as they convert to vitamin A in the organism. Contrary to pure vitamin A, carotenoids do not possess the risk of overdosification, which is why they also are characterized as “safe sources of vitamin A.” Belonging to the group are Beta-carotene, Apocarotenal, Lycopene, and Lutein, which are all manufactured by Allied Biotech Corporation in suitable application forms: powders, emulsions, suspensions and solutions under the Altratene brandname.

—Lugo Nutrition Inc., 302-573-2503 or


Berry Power

BERRIES’4 BEST is a unique antioxidant blend, combining the benefits of the “French Paradox” and the best superfruits  from Asia and South America. These include: Acai and acerola, which superfruits native to Amazonia. These small berries were already consumed in the pre-Columbian period for their high level in polyphenols and natural vitamin C. Another component is Goji, a small berry native to the Himalayas and used in traditional Chinese medicine for more than 2,000 years. There’s also grape, a powerful source of polyphenols and anthocyanins, at the origin of the French nutritional uniqueness known as the “French Paradox.” Carefully selected by the Diana, Food Division’s agronomists from Asia, Europe and South America, the combined actives from acerola, acai, goji and grape extract can be used for health claim-supported antioxidant formulations in food, beverage and dietary supplements applications. —Diana, Food Division, 845-268-5200,


Pure Pomegranate

From smoothies to craft beer, salad dressings to savory and sweet sauces and nutritional supplements in soft chews, capsules, tablets and gels form, pomegranate, the superfruit, is steadily becoming a “super-flavor” and “super-ingredient.”  With 15,000 acres of orchards in central California, POM Wonderful is the United States’ largest grower and producer of fresh pomegranates and pomegranate juice.  POM offers a portfolio of pomegranate ingredients known for unique pomegranate polyphenol antioxidants: 100% pomegranate juice concentrate in liquid and powder forms; POMx extract liquid and powder forms, juice infused arils, freeze-dried arils and Individually Quick Frozen (IQF) arils. Specifically, POMx is a high-quality, pure pomegranate extract. To create this ingredient, POM uses only a proprietary water extraction process to extract the beneficial polyphenols and other nutritious attributes from the pomegranate. “This is a patented process enables us to harness the same nutrients that Mother Nature created into a highly concentrated pure pomegranate extract,” says Kyle Redfield, director of industrial sales.

—Pom Wonderful, 310-966-5800


Antioxidant Leader

It is well known that all blueberries are loved for their flavor and their high antioxidant capacity pleasing taste buds and helping to protect against disease and age-related health risks. Increasing now, is the understanding that the little Wild Blueberries from Maine and Eastern Canada have an even more intense blueberry flavor than regular, cultivated blueberries and twice the antioxidant capacity per serving. Packed with phytochemicals such as anthocyanin, Wild Blueberries are being studied for their powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that may help protect against diseases such as cancer, heart disease, diabetes and Alzheimer’s. From cereals and muffin mixes to jams and jellies, from teas and juices to yogurt, smoothies and ice cream, the Wild Blueberry is an ingredient that adds taste, color and extra-healthy appeal to a broad array of fine products.

—Wild Blueberry Association of North America, 207-570-3535 ,


Powerful Coffee Bean

CoffeeBerry is a trademarked term suggestive of a line of proprietary, patented products derived from the whole fruit of coffee plant. CoffeeBerry Brand Whole Coffee Fruit products are loaded with high levels of scienti?cally studied phenolic acids, such as chlorogenic acids, and other bene?cial nutrients not available from the green coffee bean alone.  CoffeeBerry products are from coffee fruit that is hand-picked and immediately quick dried to preserve the delicate fruit and protect its precious nutrients.

FutureCeutical’s processes transform the majority of coffee-processing waste into a viable, patented, scienti?cally-researched product line. Available in powdered and extract (powder) formats. Perfect for teas, coffees, specialty and functional beverages, foods, and nutritional supplements. The products is GRAS and non-GMO.

—FutureCeuticals Inc., 888-452-6853,