TigerNut Horchata is a drink many U.S. consumers have never heard of, but the Valencians in Spain have been enjoying it for over 800 years. 


TigerNut Horchata helps your body produce probiotics that improve digestive health. It has as much iron as red meat and as much potassium as coconut water.

"It's made from an ancient root vegetable called the TigerNut," says George Papanastasatos, co-founder of Organic Gemini. "TigerNuts grow in Africa, the Mediterranean, and Valencia, Spain, and the Spanish cold-press them into a delicious and healthy beverage."

Now, for the first time, George's company has made TigerNut Horchata available to the U.S. consumer. www.organicgemini.com

"We felt like it was the right time to introduce TigerNut Horchata," says Mariam Kinkladze, the company's other co-founder. "With the increased awareness of the consequences of unhealthy eating, most consumers are moving toward healthier foods and drinks. Food is medicine, and when you drink something pure and nutritious, your body and your mind feel better."

TigerNut Horchata's nutritional value is remarkable. "The macronutrient profile — the iron, calcium, fat — is actually equivalent to red meat and liver," says George.

TigerNut Horchata also contains prebiotic fiber, which helps develop probiotic bacteria, which live in your gut and improve your digestion.

"It's nut-free, gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan, organic, with no added sugars," adds Mariam. "It's a very pure drink."

As for its taste, TigerNut Horchata is unlike anything most people have experienced before. "When most people hear the word 'horchata', they think rice, sugar, and milk, but those are deviations from the original recipe," says George. "Spanish Horchata is different, because it's made from TigerNuts, which are naturally sweet. TigerNut Horchata has its own unique taste, which is often compared to coconut or almond milk but with a more distinct flavor.