Ingredion Incorporated, a leading global provider of ingredient solutions to diversified industries, today announced a new line of high-performing, non-GMO starches – the PRECISA® 600 starch series solutions – for cost optimization and improved functionality in imitation, processed and analogue cheeses. 

Utilizing Ingredion’s proprietary DIAL-IN® Texture Technology, the PRECISA® 600 series helps manufacturers reduce the use of costly dairy proteins in imitation cheese products, allowing manufacturers to save 15% to 25% of their overall formulation costs while achieving the desired properties of good melt, stretch and shred.

The PRECISA® 600 series features new starches with differentiated functionality. They provide manufacturers with various solutions to address varying formulation and process needs, including better viscosity control, elasticity and spreadability; optimized firmness for shredding; a slower/faster gelling rate; and improved melting and emulsification.

“Dairy proteins contribute to the key functionalities of cheese as well as its cost, and developing reduced protein process cheese products is challenging as cheese functionality gets compromised,” says Ivan Gonzales, dairy marketing manager for Ingredion Incorporated. “The PRECISA® 600 series is a breakthrough solution for manufacturers seeking to reduce the development costs of imitation cheese products without compromising sensory and functionality attributes – resulting in superior imitation cheese products that address consumer demand for a better eating experience at an affordable price.”

The PRECISA® 600 series enables manufacturers to reach their cost and sensory targets in everything from pizza cheese and shreds to slices and spreads. These starches help…

… optimize protein content in imitation mozzarella and help deliver good firmness/shredability and meltability;

… optimize protein and fat content in analogue spreadable cheese and still deliver spreadability, good mouthfeel and meltability;

… optimize protein content in analogue block and deliver firmness/shredability and mouthfeel;

… optimize protein content in analogue slice on slice (SOS) and deliver elasticity and fast gelling in process and meltability; and

… optimize protein and fat content in imitation cheese sauces and deliver viscosity, smoothness and creamy mouthfeel and flowability.

Ingredion has the expertise and broad product portfolio to support cheese initiatives, whether a manufacturer wants to optimize cheese formulation or improve processing efficiencies.

To learn more about the PRECISA® 600 series solutions or find out how Ingredion’s technical, sensory, CULINOLOGY® and applications teams help food processors develop tailor-made, high quality foods at a reduced cost, contact Ingredion at 1-866-961-6285 or visit For a full list of the prototypes produced or more information contact us at 1-866-961-6285, e-mail or visit

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