According to a new Datassential Appetizers report, garlic bread tops the list of consumers "most loved appetizers."

Rounding out the list of top five "most loved" appetizers are: wings, French fries, shrimp cocktail, and fried cheese sticks. Interestingly when compared to the most menued appetizers (shown in the infographic below), a gap emerges as chicken strips, jalapeno poppers, and calamari are menued more frequently than garlic bread.

This is just one of the many key findings from the new report that you can use to help your customers offer the best product mix.

The new MenuTrends Keynote on Appetizers details what consumers are already ordering, what they are interested in trying, and how that compares to the appetizers that operators are menuing. We asked over 1,000 consumers for their thoughts on a wide range of appetizer options, flavors, trends, and ingredients, uncovering preferences and motivations with direct implications for both foodservice and retail segments. We combined this with operator data on menuing, purchase formats, and brand importance, and leveraged the power of MenuTrends, our trend-tracking menu database, for this one-of-a-kind MenuTrends Keynote series that comprehensively explores topics and categories central to the industry.

The MenuTrends Keynote Appetizer report will be an invaluable resource to help you understand the complete appetizer landscape away-from-home and at-home, detailing consumers' behavior, motivations and preferences.

Download the report here: