With the FDA ruling on the status of partially hydrogenated oils and trans fats expected soon, Stratas Foods continues to push research forward so that no product applications are left behind as a result of the ruling.

At IFT, Stratas will present its recent innovative work with the United Soybean Board on high oleic soybean oil (HOSOY). In a controlled fry study, Stratas compared High Oleic Soybean Oil, High Oleic Canola Oil, Mid-Oleic Sunflower Oil, High Oleic Sunflower Oil, and Soybean Oil across multiple variables. Based on the results, in frying applications, high oleic soybean oil performed very well in comparison to the other high oleic oils, showing excellent stability and fry life. Additional Stratas research shows that the use of HOSOY as a component of a lipid blend can be as functional as other 100% high oleic oil products, in both frying and spray oil applications.

Similarly, Stratas continues to expand the science of functional crystallization with its Flex technology, which dramatically improves the plasticity and texture of partially hydrogenated oil (PHO) free shortenings. This processing technology adjusts the crystal structure of fats by shrinking crystal size and improving crystal shape, in order to reduce fat migration concerns, to prevent damaging changes in crystal formation with age, and to deliver consistent and improved plasticity in the finished product, frequently impacting finished product quality and reducing plant shrink and down time.

Specifically, Flex processed palm products, introduced a couple years ago, transform hard, brittle, inconsistent palm into creamy, smooth and consistent palm. Similarly, new Flex processing transforms soft and inconsistent interesterified soy products into firm and consistent soy solutions, preventing handling and QA issues on finished products. If that’s not enough, this innovative technology solves inherent problems found in common PHO free palm and soy shortenings, without any change to nutritionals or ingredient declarations.

Stratas Foods will be a part of the ADM Booth #2818 at IFT. Also joining the booth is Wild Flavors, making this the stop for Stratas’ functional shortenings, oils and margarines, ADM bulk oils and Wild Flavors, a true one stop shop for lipid and flavor needs.

— Stratas Foods, www.stratasfoods.com