Kerry is unique in its ability to develop complete meat coating systems that carefully balance marinades, seasonings and flavors to optimize flavor delivery, minimize cost and provide excellent texture. Our teams are committed to complete customer satisfaction. We take inspiration from our culinary team, insights from our marketing team, data from our sensory team and, most importantly, collaboration with our customers to deliver consumer desired solutions.

Product offerings include pre-dusts, intermediates and matrices, crumbs, blended breaders and batters.


Often the first component of a coating system, pre-dusts, are used to improve adhesion and pick-up for even coverage of the next coating and can act as a flavor carrier. Kerry customizes pre-dusts for your application. For example, cracker meal pre-dusts have higher absorption for wet substrates while flour pre-dusts with protein provide adhesion to whole muscle products.

Adhesion Batters

Adhesion batters are used to improve adhesion of breaders to substrates, especially slippery substrates.

We can also incorporate additional ingredients to add flavor, color, browning or texture to your application.

American Bread Crumb (ABC)

ABC is crumb made from yeast leavened, traditionally baked bread. Traditional baking creates a darkened crust for multi-tonal crumb appearance. Ideal for raw breading, short fry times or oven reconstitution applications, it is also used as a meat binder or as filler in meat patties, meatballs and sausages. Kerry offers several levels of granulation, crunchiness and color.

Japanese Bread Crumb (JBC)

JBC crumb is made from electrically baked dough. The crustless crumb particles have a distinct, premium slivered appearance and crispy bite. Often used for seafood, JBC is offered in a variety of granulations and colors.

Cracker Meal

Cracker meal breaders have a softer, more tender bite than ABC or JBC, making it a good choice for fully fried, parfry and oven reconstitute applications. Kerry cracker meal is offered in a variety of granulations and color.

Inclusion Breaders

We can provide you with innovative breaders that have unique textures, colors, and/or flavors, including tortilla, pretzel, cornflake, potato, graham and coconut.

Tempura Batters

Tempura is a thick, highly leavened batter that has a crisp, light texture and puffs when fried. Typically used as an outer coating, common applications include fish, chicken tenders or nuggets and vegetables.

Specialty Batters

Kerry can also design application-specific batters that meet your targeted results. Common products include batters for hush puppies, French fries, clear coat batter for vegetables, pastries and potatoes, French toast batter and dessert (sweet) crumbs and coatings.

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