Gedney Foods Company, Minnesota-based purveyors of pickles and condiments, introduced a new product to their BABIES™ brand. Gedney® Sweet Carrot BABIES™ - is a versatile, tasty treat bathed in lightly sweet brine that captures all the natural goodness and nutrients fresh carrots provide. The transparent jars of naturally orange baby carrots can be found on Twin Cities' retail store shelves next to Gedney® Kosher Dill BABIES™ end of June 2015.

"Gedney Foods is excited to introduce pickle lovers to a new kind of crunch: Gedney® Sweet Carrot BABIES™. Gedney's expertise in crunchy pickles, combined with the natural goodness of baby carrots in a slightly sweet brine make a wholesome new snack we believe will appeal to all age groups," says Gedney VP, Sales & Marketing, Greg Niemann. The Gedney Sweet Carrot BABIES™ is the first of several future planned innovations for the company.