Nagase America’s Denazyme GEL-L1/R was determined to be GRAS for yeast extract applications. The enzyme allows yeast extract manufacturers to optimize yields and add value to yeast cell wall leftovers produced during yeast extract production.

Proteases and other enzymes often are added when producing yeast extract to release savory-delivering components, which are then separated from insoluble leftovers. Denazyme GEL-L1/R digests the cell wall leftovers, producing value-added yeast extract. When added before separating the leftovers, it can increase yeast extract yields by up to 30% without impacting the flavor profile.

“The popularity of yeast extracts is increasing globally as food processors respond to consumer demands for clean label savory ingredients,” says Nick Nishimoto, sales and marketing manager at Nagase & Co., Ltd. “This enzyme helps yeast extract manufacturers develop new products and increase profitability.”

Produced using Nagase’s proprietary fermentation technology, Denazyme GEL-L1/R is a ?–glucanase that breaks down beta-glucans in the yeast cell wall. It is effective on baker’s yeast, Saccharomyces cerevisiae, as well as torula yeast, Candida utilis. Denazyme GEL-L1/R is both kosher and halal certified.

— Nagase America,