A leavening expert for more than 100 years, Clabber Girl Corporation used the IFT expo to introduce Clabber Girl PHOS-Free™ Baking Powder.

PHOS-Free was developed as a quick and easy ingredient exchange for food manufacturers and commercial bakers concerned with answering growing consumer demand for products made from ingredients which do not contain artificial preservatives, sweeteners, colors, and flavors. PHOS-Free fulfills this demand by providing producers with a high-quality commercial leavening product, which is free from both phosphates and aluminum compounds.

“With the increase in consumer awareness around ingredients, as well as changes to labeling regulations, we understand our industrial customers are working hard to provide transparency,” says Gary Morris, Clabber Girl president and COO. “At Clabber Girl, we focus on offering quality ingredients and industrial solutions that meet these needs and our PHOS-Free product is another example of our commitment to innovation.”

In addition to its benefit of not containing any artificial preservatives, Nita Livvix, director of R&D, emphasizes PHOS-Free’s benefits as a cost saver as well.

“Because it contains more active ingredients—double the amount in traditional baking powder formulas—PHOS-Free allows you to use half the amount, which can result in overall cost savings for the manufacturer. It also has shown to reduce the sodium contributed from baking powder, up to 45%.”

A highly versatile baking ingredient, PHOS-Free is especially ideal for mix manufacturers, such as makers of cakes, muffins, pancakes, batters, and breadings; as well as those who produce shelf-ready baked goods, such as tortilla manufacturers.

Additional details about PHOS-Free and Clabber Girl’s other industrial ingredient offerings, can be obtained at the company’s website, clabbergirl.com.