Primizie, the creator of thick cut chef-inspired crispbreads, introduced its newest flavor in sweet snack crisps, Dolce Caramel & Italian Sweet Cream, this summer along with a new 1.5 ounce variety of its specialty crisps in five premium flavors including Dolce Caramel, for the ultimate on-the-go treat.

Chef Mark Spedale has perfected the gourmet taste of Primizie since he started serving the crisps as a base for hors d’oeuvres at his restaurant. Fans of the brand can now get excited for the launch of Spedale’s newest flavor Dolce Caramel. The new holiday flavor is a sweet addition to Primizie’s impressive line of artisan snacks. Dolce Caramel tastes of rich nutty caramel and is infused with sugars and spices, then accented with a light layer of salt. It is a seamless merriment of savory sea salt and Italian sweet cream. The Dolce Caramel flavor is sure to be a fan favorite as a delicious holiday item and throughout the dessert space.

Primizie’s new 1.5 ounce packaging option will be available in classic flavors, Italian 7-Herb, Gouda & Garlic, Chile & Lime and Simply Salted, as well as the new Dolce Caramel. Created through Primizie’s unique grilling and crisping method, the products have superior “dipability” and do not crumble when you dip them. To provide a flavor-forward snacking experience, the beginning ingredients are mixed directly into the dough instead of applied afterwards to provide an authentic taste in each bite.

“To ensure the greatest taste and convenience, we are launching this snack size to make our gourmet products available to those who crave flavorful treats while on-the-go,” said Primizie’s co-founder and CEO Mark Spedale. “We can’t wait for consumers to try our delicious, new Dolce Caramel flavor, and the new single serve packaging.”

The new 1.5 ounce bags will retail for $1.29 while the 6.5 ounce bags are $3.99. For more information on Primizie, please visit