Baker Maid, the fourth generation, family owned New Orleans-based confection company known for its cookies and cakes, launched its newest brand of soon-to-be-favorite treats, Love, Cookie. Handmade in small batches, the Love, Cookie collection comes in eight varieties of melt-in-your-mouth flavors made from only the finest ingredients available. Almond Toffee Crunch, Espresso Chocolate Chip, Midnight Almond, Chocolate Chip, Lemon Cooler, Butter Pecan Praline, Dark Chocolate Orange and Dark Chocolate Mint round out the offerings of delectable cookies that are so good, they can pass for homemade.

Each variety of Love, Cookie contains ingredients that are easy to recognize, easy to pronounce and typically found in your own pantry. Small batch production ensures that quality and taste prevail in every flavor and bite! Fourth-generation owner, Greg Sorensen explains why it was important to create Love, Cookie. “We took a look at the market and there weren’t any high quality cookies being produced,” says Sorensen, “We set out to make something we wanted to eat ourselves, a delicious little treat of the utmost quality.”

With a suggested retail price of $3.99, Love, Cookie is an everyday indulgence that won’t break the bank. Packaged in a light, bright carton, each variety features a see-through window providing the consumer with access to what awaits. Regarding the packaging choice, Colin Manikin, partner at Baker Maid, adds “We wanted our consumer to be able to interact with what they purchase, seeing is believing.” Rich, buttery and lightly sweet, Love, Cookie’s taste is what truly stands out. All extracts are house made within the Baker Maid facility, only natural flavors are utilized and raw materials are sourced locally for a fresh and homemade tasting result.

The last and most important ingredient in each Love, Cookie is noticeably missing from the nutrition information, and that’s LOVE. Produced by a multi-generational family run business, the owners as well as the many employees of Baker Maid enjoy extremely lengthy careers. “We are doing more than running a business at Baker Maid, it’s an extended family and we want you to taste the pride and love in every cookie,” said Sorensen.

Love, Cookie products are available throughout the Gulf South regions including the following retail outlets: Rouses, Robert’s Market, Breaux Mart, Dorignac’s, Langenstein’s and Maxwell’s, as well as many other fine grocery chains.